16 Strangest Trends From the Last 10 Years

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Trends come and go, and some are certainly stranger than others. And these 16 trends of the last decade are things that we certainly didn’t see coming.

Subscriptions for Everything

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We’re all on subscription models, whether it be music, software, or films. Liked a TV show? Keep subscribing to the streaming service if you ever want to see it again.

Extremely Expensive Concert Tickets

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Concert tickets were once affordable entertainment that you could get for yourself or give as a gift. But lately, concert tickets are rarely under $100 each, and that’s without fees. And you don’t get a physical ticket to give to someone as a gift.

Family Youtubers

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There are countless families who monetize their videos on YouTube and other video platforms. They feature every member of the family and show them even during vulnerable times. It’s a way to make extra money for the family, but many people find it exploitative, especially for children. 

Reaction Videos

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Many social media accounts are full of reaction videos— people reacting to something like a song, a certain food, a TV show, etc. They’re basically real-time reviews, and there’s no real reason for watching them.

The Rise of Influencers

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Influencers were once just social media users who got popular and amassed a high number of followers. Today, they’re full-fledged businesses that advertise products to you through sponsors as well as selling you their merch.

The Anti-vaxxers Go Mainstream

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For many years, there has been an anti-vaccine movement of people who believe these shots contain dangerous chemicals. In the past few years, however, this idea has gotten into the mainstream. Now you’ll even see politicians talk about skipping the vax.

Constant Tipping

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There have long been services that came with tipping. But today, virtually every service, even fast food, demands a tip. If an electronic prompt doesn’t ask you whether you’ll tip or not, there are tip jars out to make you feel guilty.

Lip Fillers

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Making lips bigger through plastic surgery or injections used to be something reserved for celebrities and other wealthy people. Today, it’s easy to go to a day spa and get fillers injected into the lips. More people are getting this procedure to look younger.

Gender Reveal Parties

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Who started this? What happened to just calling someone and telling them about their baby’s gender? Today, couples have a party and think of a novel and unique way to tell their relatives their kid’s gender. Sure, it’s caused a lot of fires and damage, but these couples see these parties as necessities today.

Asmr Videos

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An ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, video is someone making light noises for the camera. Many ASMR filmers just tap things with their fingernails or crumple paper. Low noises can sometimes give viewers tingles, and they watch these videos to enjoy the sensation.


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NFTs seemingly came out of nowhere and are heading back into the void. These non-fungible tokens are pieces of digital art that owners can buy and sell on the NFT market. People from all walks of life invested in these, and they’ve lost a huge amount of money on what was going to be the next big thing.

Pets Becoming Sons and Daughters

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If you’ve ever seen someone with a “Dog Mom” shirt on, you’ve probably seen someone who calls their dog their son or daughter. Dog and cat owners now refer to themselves as “pet parents,” and these changes are now perfectly mainstream.


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There are people who consider themselves to be kin to certain animals, such as dogs, cats, or wild animals. Those who call themselves otherkin may believe that something in their ancestry makes them non-human. Some use it as symbolism or metaphor. Either way, costumes are often involved.

Constant Phone Use

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When smartphones came out, they were incredibly useful, but people weren’t on them at all times. They were there for times when you didn’t have anyone in person to talk with. Now? People pull out their phones in the middle of talking to someone who’s right there in front of them.

Face Tattoos

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Back then, you rarely see people with face tattoos. Slowly, the stigma is wearing down, and now there are plenty of people with facial ink. Retailers regularly hire people with face tattoos, and many celebrities have them.

Political Stance as Personality

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Someone’s political leanings used to be a small part of who they are. You could know someone for years and not know the way they vote. Lately, people are using their political opinions as the main trait they have.

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