16 Everyday Items You Will Never Regret Buying

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When you use something every day, it needs to be high quality to last long. And though these items may not come cheap, it’s an investment that will save you time and effort in the long run. So don’t ever feel bad about spending money on these 16 items that make your life easier.

Frying Pan

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“A good frying pan lasts for years, and the food quality is much better. It is also easier to clean,” says a commentator. 

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Young Woman Using Vacuum Cleaner At Home
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With a wet/dry vacuum, “you can vacuum anything with it – car interior, garage spill, liquid spill, pretty much anything on the ground will go into it.”

Storage Tubs

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If you move often, get some storage tubs. “They are hardly expensive, uniform in size, stack well, and aren’t going to deteriorate if they get a bit wet,” and “will keep moths and critters out if sealed properly.” 

Mattress and Pillow

Bed And Pillows In Modern Bedroom Black And White Color
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“Everything in your life can be affected by your sleep quality,” points out a post. Therefore, invest in a comfortable mattress and pillow. 

“You spend an absurd amount of your life on a mattress, so it should be one of the things you shell out a lot of money on to have the best one,” adds a user. 

Chef Knife

Sharpening The Knife With Whetstone
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A quality chef knife will help you prepare meals faster and safely. “Or if you’re using a cheap knife, learn how to sharpen it.”

Rechargeable Batteries

Battery Charger Aa
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Some users share it is worth purchasing rechargeable batteries for Xbox controllers and other equipment since they “quickly pay for themselves” and are better for the environment. 


Woman Choosing Lingerie. Drawers Filled With Sexy Lace Lingerie. Textile
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A well-made and well-fitting bra is also a game changer. “A well-fitting bra shouldn’t hurt or be uncomfortable (and) can make you look like you lost weight.” 


Young Woman Cuts Purple Kohlrabi Sprouts Or Watercress Microgreens Into
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A commentator recommends, “(Get) three good pairs of scissors. One for clothes, one for paper, and one for the kitchen. This will save so much time and aggravation.”  

Desk Chair

Comfortable Chair Near Desk In Modern Office Interior
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Getting a “good and comfortable chair to your desk” is also a worthy investment, “especially if you plan to sit there a lot for studying or if your job requires you to sit. It will spare you a lot of back pain.”

Birth Control

Young Hispanic Woman Holding Birth Control Pills At Bedroom
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“If you can’t afford birth control, you can’t afford not to use birth control,” explains a commentator. Raising kids is an expensive responsibility that most people don’t admit and can be avoided using birth control. 

Well-Tailored Suit

Man In Shirt Dressing Up And Adjusting Tie On Neck
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A well-tailored suit will have you looking impressive for “work and formal occasions.” 


Woman Hand Using Chromium Bidet Shower Sitting On Toilet.
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“My quality of life has improved since getting a Tushy bidet attachment,” writes a poster. 

Prescription Sunglasses

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“They make driving so much easier,” reads a post. Prescription sunglasses reduce sun glare, protect against UV rays, improve vision and clarity, and are comfortable. 

“I got my first pair of these last summer,” narrates a user, “I used to think they were totally unnecessary since I wear contacts half the time anyway. My SO convinced me to get a pair because our local store had a ‘buy one get one free’ deal. I’ll never look back.”

Shoe Horn

Man Puts On Classic Black Shoes With A Wooden Shoe
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A shoe horn is a must-have for people with back problems. It “lets you put your shoes on without hurting your back or ruining the back of your shoes.”

Tongue Scraper

Beautiful Happy Young Woman With Tongue Scraper On Blank Blue
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A post says, “Once you use one and see all the brown gunk that sits on your tongue, you will never want to go back.” Moreover, “everything tastes so much fuller and richer.”

Power Strip

Closeup Of A Mans Hand Inserting A Plug Into Electrical
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A good power strip with a surge protector built-in is also worth spending money on. 

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