16 Tourist Destinations Around the World That Are Totally Overrated

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When you travel, you want to visit all the spots that everyone comes to see. But are they really worth the hype? Sometimes you find yourself waiting in line for hours. And when you finally get to experience the much-anticipated destination, you end up feeling underwhelmed. Here are 16 internationally famous tourist spots people don’t find all that special.



Hollywood California September 3: The World Famous Landmark Hollywood
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Hollywood was once a great tourism destination, but not anymore. Today, it is crowded with many homeless people and “stores selling plastic Grammys.” Plus, “its stars on the sidewalk and everywhere smells like urine mixed with trash.”

Time Square

New York City January 4: Times Square Is A
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Times Square is only exciting on social media. Once you get there, it is super-crowded and noisy, which makes sense considering it is a commercial intersection. Good luck getting a solo selfie or holding a conversation with your friends.  

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock Monument At Pilgrim Memorial State Park In Plymouth
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Rather than visit Plymouth Rock, consider going to Plymouth Plantation instead. “The rock is incredibly underwhelming,” says a user. “It’s a rock in a hole covered by a grate that may or may not be the actual rock,” adds another. 

Mount Rushmore

Classic View Of Mount Rushmore
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Its faces on a rock basically and smaller than you think,” describes a user. But you’ll have more fun visiting the Devil’s Tower, The Black Hills, and The Badlands. 

Little Mermaid Statue

The Monument Of The Little Mermaid In Copenhagen Denmark Europe
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Copenhagen is a great tourist destination, but this statue isn’t impressive. “I mean, it’s called The Little Mermaid, so you can’t really expect something big and grand, can you?” asks a user. Additionally, it’s hectic to get a good picture of the scene with other tourists trying to do the same. 

Mona Lisa in the Louvre

Paris France Sep 24 2019: A Scenic View Of
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You will be waiting for hours in a long line to get a brief view of the Mona Lisa’s painting. But you can spend your time better by going through other art pieces on display or hiring a guide to take you through the 9 miles of Louvre tunnels. 


Tourists Like To Go To The Tower Of Pisa Italy.
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The Pisa Tower is also disappointing, but “the rest of Tuscany is amazing.”

Bondi Beach

Sunbathers And Swimmers On The Bondi Beach In Sydney Australia
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Australia has many beautiful beaches, and Bondi is the most overrated. “It’s overcrowded, and everything there is way overpriced,” says a tourist. 

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Looking Over The Large Suspension Walk Bridge In Capilano Vancouver
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The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is an ideal tourist destination in Vancouver, Canada. However, during its peak season, a high number of visitors take possession of its serenity and beauty. Plus, it is pretty expensive. 

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Town On Canada May 30 2015: Tourists
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“The falls are beautiful,” but “the infrastructure around them blows.” Therefore, don’t list Niagara Falls as a destination but a pit stop because there’s not much to see, especially the US side. 

Bourbon Street

Pubs And Bars With Neon Lights In The French Quarter
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A poster mentions, “It’s the same as any other bar district in any large city worldwide. Same old cover bands playing the same old songs you’d hear anywhere.” But New Orleans has other excellent places to try, like NOLA and Frenchman Street. 

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Agra Uttar Pradesh India Sunny Day View
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The Taj Mahal is iconic, attracting over 7 million visitors annually. With these numbers in mind, you can tell the place is always “overcrowded, which ruins the serenity, and the inside is dark, surprisingly small, and you’re rushed through.”

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach South Carolina At Sunrise.
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Lower your expectations. Myrtle Beach might looking stunning in photos, but it is an overpriced tourist spot. 

The Space Needle

Seattle Skyline As Seen From Kerry Park Washington State United
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“In the past, The Space Needle had its charms. Now, it seems so expensive. Once they remodeled it, they jacked up the price,” a user says. Besides, “you can get a better city view from the Old Columbia Tower for free!” 


Ancient Stonehenge Standing Rocks In Great Britain Under
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Since no one knows how this prehistoric monument came to be, it welcomes numerous theories and folklore. However, getting to the site is too expensive and you can’t go near it.

Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone Az Usa November 27 2017: Allen Street In
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Tombstone has a rich history, but there’s not much to see here. “It’s a 2 block long strip of advertisements in the middle of the desert,” describes a user. 

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