16 Little-Known Relationship Green Flags

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When asked about relationship red flags, most people have an opinion. But what if we turned the boat around and listed relationship green flags? What would you say are the signs of a healthy relationship? Here are 16 little-known relationship green flags. 

Co-exist in Companionable Silence

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When silence is not cringe, the friendship is real,” reads a post. It is okay to comfortably share the silence when you’ve found your special person. “I knew you were the one when we sat down at a park, said nothing, and I felt at peace,” says a wife about her husband. 

Emotionally Connect After an Argument

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Arguments are part of any relationship, but staying emotionally connected during and after an argument can be tricky. 

One commentator says, “After an argument, my girl always tells me a long list of things she loves about me, and I do the same after. It really helps squash the issue and move on quickly.”

Genuine Interest in Each Other’s Hobbies

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You do not need to share similar interests with your partner. However, showing genuine interest in their hobbies is an absolute green flag. 

Go Out of Their Way to Help

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Sometimes you may feel angry at one another, but you (or they) still go out of the way to ensure they are okay. One husband says, “We will never sabotage or try to teach them (your partner) a lesson.”

Takes Criticism Seriously Without Getting Mad

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Taking criticism, even from loved ones, can also be a challenge. But “When your SO takes criticism from you seriously without immediately trying to turn it back to you, you two stand a chance of going the distance,” points out a commentator. 

Active Listening

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Another love language is when a partner remembers things you told them in the past. Also, active listening is about giving opinions and advice when asked for and keeping your mind focused during the conversation. 

Non-sexual Compliments

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Complements unrelated to my physical attributes mean so much to me. It shows me you’re truly interested,” writes a pretty female. In addition to non-sexual compliments, non-sexual affection like holding hands and snuggling also count. 

Have Healthy Conflict Without Fear

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It is a green flag and a relief to have natural disagreements and communication about those disagreements without the constant fear that someone’s going to hit the nuclear option,” says a poster. 

Does Things for You Without Asking

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When a partner does little things for the other without asking speaks volumes about their love language. “It’s the little things that add up or eat away at a relationship,” points out a commentator. 

Trusts You to Stay at Their Apartment Alone

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Only a few people will let you stay at their apartment while they are out running errands or at work. So if your partner trusts you to stay over when they aren’t there, they think highly of you. 

Takes the Time to Check Your Book/Movie Recommendations

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One user says, “Once I dated this guy who would lie about watching things I recommended. I didn’t figure it out at first, but when he told me, I felt so heartbroken.

Another commentator explains how she felt when her boyfriend checked out her recommended podcast, “It was so nice to feel my opinion was valued and trusted.”

Equal Interest in Hanging Out With You

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There is a massive difference between fake and genuine interest. Your relationship will never feel forced if your partner is genuinely interested in hanging out with you.

Able to Forgive Mistakes

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The ability to forgive mistakes takes understanding and grace. One post reads, “Unconditional love comes with unconditional forgiveness.” 

When You Never Have to Question Their Whereabouts

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Another green flag in a relationship is when you do not have to ask the dreaded question, ‘Where are you?’ You also won’t need to track their phone or car to confirm their whereabouts. 

You Want Your Partner to Be Happy

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Here is sound advice from a user, “When in a relationship, it shouldn’t be to make yourself happy, but it should be to have someone that you can share happiness with.

Genuinely Supports Your Life Goals

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When you love your SO, you will not hold them back from reaching their dreams, nor will they hold you back. You will genuinely support them in all ways possible, even if it means having to endure long distance relationship for a while.  

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