16 Outdated Pieces of Advice That Are Completely Useless Now

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Isn’t it wild that advice also gets outdated? From carrying a quarter to rewinding VHS, let’s walk down memory lane with these 16 outdated tips. 

Always Keep a Quarter on You in Case You Need to Make a Call

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Many parents said this line to their kids when payphones were still a thing. The quarter was solely to make emergency calls, although some online users recall when phone calls only cost a dime.  

Be Kind, Please Rewind

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During the VHS tapes and DVDs eras, requesting someone to rewind the movie so you could start watching it from the beginning was normal. Thanks to technology and streaming services, this advice no longer works today. 

It’s Unsafe to Carry Cash; Use Traveler’s Checks Instead

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Do you remember American Express Traveler’s checks? They were highly recommended instead of carrying cash, even though they were a pain. Now, nobody remembers them. 

Don’t Talk to Strangers on the Internet

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Yes, talking, meeting, dating, or marrying strangers online was unacceptable. “I met my now husband online in 1999. It was scandalous and risky back then,” shares a poster. Now, people are more accepting of internet strangers. 

Regularly Clean the Ball and Rollers on Your Mouse

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Modern mice use optical technology for precise cursor movements. But older versions had a ball and rollers that you must regularly clean. 

To Get a Job, Walk On in Any Place of Business

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If you want a job, you’ll just need to visit any business and fill out paperwork. Today, many jobs demand an online application, with many companies sending a generic rejection letter. 

It’s Never a Good Idea to Wear a Mask to the Bank

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One comedian joked about the shift in this advice, “Before Covid, if you wore a mask into the bank, they locked the doors and called the police. Today, if you don’t wear a mask, they lock the doors and call the police. It’s so confusing.”

A Savings Account Is a Good Investment

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“This was good advice in the 1970s when interest rates were very high,” explains a poster. However, savings accounts now have low-interest rates. 

You Should Learn How to Use the Card Catalog at Your Local Library

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Before the internet, learning how to use a card catalog at the library was a valuable skill. 

Show Your Employer Loyalty, and They Will Be Loyal to You

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Also, in the olden days, employees felt compelled to show loyalty for a better job position, pay, or benefits. Today, not so much. 

It’s Not Advised to Square Dance on Your Period

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This advice ran in the 1940s and worked “considering they didn’t have good tampons then.” Fortunately, it no longer applies.  

If You’re Into a Guy, Play Hard-To-Get

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Ladies in the older generation were advised to play hard-to-get with the guys they crushed on. However, this has changed as more men drop this “horrible toxic stuff.” 

If They Say No the First Time, Just Keep Trying

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Well, if they say no for the first time, they probably mean no, and you should stop bugging them for a yes. 

Don’t Drink Water After Eating Fruit or You’ll Get Sick

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“Apparently, this comes from a time when people drank from wells. The sugar from the fruit would allow bacteria from the water to ferment in the stomach,” explains a poster. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem, thanks to modern water supplies. 

You Won’t Always Have a Calculator

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“Thank you, cellphones,” writes a user because they grant you access to a calculator anytime. 

Nobody’s Going to Pay You to Stare at a Computer Screen All Day

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This advice was dished in the 80s and 90s as the technology was not advanced. Now, times have changed, and there are lots of jobs paying people to stare at the computer screen (work on them) all day.    

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