16 Adult Problems That Literally Nobody Prepared You For

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When we were kids, we longed for days without bedtime, no curfew, and no parents telling us what to do. Now that we’re adults, we’re miserable, wishing to turn time back and be free of these 16 adult problems we did not sign up for.

Back Hurting Just From Sleeping Wrong

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When we were young, we were just taught to get eight hours of sleep. Nobody told us that we should sleep in the right position if we want to wake up in the morning without a painful backache. And it’s not just from sleeping – “sitting wrong, doing housework and yard work, picking up dogs or kids, or whatever life requires”  can also cause back pain. 

How Often You Have to Clean a House

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Do you recall how often your mom scolds you if you make a mess around the house? By now, you probably understand why — cleaning is not easy! And the sad part? You’ll have to do it over and over again, which is something our parents did not prepare us for. 

If you hate cleaning, here’s a tip: “First rule of independence: Don’t put it down, put it away.”  

The Increasing Speed of Passing Years

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No one also prepares you for the concept of time as an adult, where years race by much faster.

Dealing With Your Parents Acting Like Children

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Growing up, you view your parents as role models and the know-it-all. But once you are an adult, the roles get reversed. You are now “parenting” your parents by constantly reminding them to go to the doctor, take their medicine, and so on. 

Deciding What to Eat for 3 Meals a Day, 7 Days a Week

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One user confesses, “I will always admire my mom for how she was able to cook, have a clean house, work 43 hours, and help her children do homework.”

You Have to Buy Insurance

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Also, “you have to buy insurance but can never use the insurance, or no one else will sell you insurance.” Well, “it all feels like a big scam,” but you have to do it. 

Realizing Some Friends Are Bad

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When we were young, the word “friends” encircles anybody and everybody, but with time, you realize how toxic some friends can be. 

Being Social

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“Being social as an adult is rough,” states a post. 

Losing Someone You Love

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Nobody also prepared us how to react and cope with grief when loved ones pass away. We also struggle with “nasty breakdown of personal relationships, family relationships, and friendships.” 

Not Being Able to Sleep Due to Stress

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Sleep was rarely a problem when we were younger. And if we did, it was because we wanted to watch TV and play video games. Nowadays, we spend hours tossing and turning because of stress. 

“When I was younger, I could sleep anytime, anywhere,” recalls an adult, “Yet here I lay but wide awake, unable to sleep due to stress.”

How Expensive Everything Is

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Remember when you didn’t have to worry about the power bill or toiletries? And then you moved out and realized how expensive life is? 

Endless Implications of Adult Freedom

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And then that adult freedom you yearned for comes with endless implications where you have to figure out medical insurance plans, taxes, retirement plans, mortgages, and more. 

The Snowball Effect of Poverty

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“Every major bill or emergency ($500+) takes you back 6 months to a year. It feels like you’re on an escalator made of mud,” shares a poster. 

How a Job Can Destroy Mental Health

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It’s only recently that people are opening up about how jobs can negatively affect one’s mental health. Many adults have had to stay in a toxic work environment because they have bills and families to care for, destroying their mental health.

Having to Have a Genuine Purpose in Life

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What’s your purpose in life? You may or may not have one, but never let that stop you from enjoying life.

The Utter Soul-Crushing Search for a Job

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And while a job can destroy your mental health, nobody told you how haunting a job search can be difficult, especially if your application is repeatedly rejected. 

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