15 Words and Phrases That Are Wrong but Became Right

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The English language has evolved. New words and phrases get coined, while others become obsolete. On the other hand, some words, like these 15, shift their meanings or become acceptable even though they were once considered wrong.  


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“Naperon” was the correct word for the cloth covering that prevents messes on your clothes from food splatter. It was a French name, but when it came into English, it was changed to “napron” and then “an apron.” 


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“Nimrod was actually like a great mythical hunter. But after Bugs Bunny Called Elmer Fudd Nimrod, it was changed to mean foolish,” a user points out.


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Apparently, people didn’t say goodbye when bidding others farewell in the past. They’d say, “God be with you,” but with time, it morphed into “Goodbye.”


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A user notes, “Peruse by definition is to read over something carefully. It’s been overused that it now means the exact opposite – to just skim through things,” explains a poster. Another user points that the word “scan” is also used wrongly as it initially meant reading in detail but currently means skimming. 


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Did you know irregardless wasn’t a word? However, it has become so widespread and now has the same meaning as “regardless.”

Hot Water Heater

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Do you notice the redundancy in this phrase? Saying a “water heater” is enough, but the word “hot” was somehow added and has become widely accepted.

PIN Number

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This is also wrong, considering PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number. So, there’s no need to add the word “number” after “PIN.”


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People use this word to mean “actually,” whereas its initial meaning was “figuratively with emphasis.” 

A user says, “This is the word that taught me how language can develop over time. People start using a word sarcastically for comedic effect. It then gets used so frequently as sarcasm that young people start using it without ever knowing the real definition of the word.”


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This is a constant word in memes and TikTok videos but rarely used to mean “point of view.” What’s even more annoying? “When they also use voice to text and it always pronounces it ‘pahv.”

Garlic Aioli

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“It’s redundant to add garlic after saying aioli, as aioli already means a sauce that is an emulsion of garlic and fat substance (oil, mayo, butter). Garlic aioli actually means garlic garlic sauce,” corrects a poster. 

I Couldn’t Care Less

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Another incorrect, now correct phrase is “I couldn’t care less,” whose meaning is the same as “I could care less.”

The Customer Is Always Right

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This phrase meant a customer’s preference in taste was always right. However, “somewhere along the way, some people got the impression that it means that any irrational or unreasonable request or demand should be entertained.”

Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps

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Initially, the phrase was intended as a joke, as one can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Now, it is used in the literal sense as a motivational quote. 


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Did you know decimate meant reduce to 1/10th? Now, it means reducing to nothing, changing the word’s meaning. 


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While people use “disinterested” to mean “uninterested,” there’s a difference; as one user points out, “Uninterested is the one that means bored, while disinterested means not influenced by considerations of personal advantage.”

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