15 Shameful Things That Should Be Illegal

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There are a lot of things in this world that annoy you. And then there are things that are just downright sickening. But they exist because no laws regulate them. Here are 15 borderline illegal things that need to be prohibited.

Scam Calls

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Most people agree that scam calls should be banned. But before the ban becomes a reality, some online users have learned ways to deal with the scammers. “I just hit mute and wait till they hang up,” writes one user. Another says, “I entertain myself at their expense. I have been cussed in at least 10 different languages.” 

Dark Money Political Donations

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“Politicians should be required to disclose the information of any of their donors who give more than $10,000, require shell companies spending money on elections to disclose their owners, and mandate that election ads list their sponsor’s major contributors,” details a commentator. 


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One post says, “Lobbying is literally legal bribery.” How? “They (politicians) don’t get advice. They get persuaded to allow companies to profit despite the effect it has on people, the ones they are supposed to be representing,” explains a user. 

Politicians Lying in Debates and Speeches

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People are also sick of lying politicians during debates and speeches. If they were to be banned, “so many politicians and billionaires would go to prison.”

Child Beauty Pageants

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These pageants may look cute, innocent, and adorable, but they spark insecurities among the young participants. 

Gaps in Bathroom Stall Doors

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“Why does every public toilet door have a great gap down the side or along the top?” wonders a commentator. According to a different online user, the gap helps “check if someone’s overdosing drugs in the bathroom, and it makes mopping easier.”

Unregulated Dives to the Titanic

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It’s about time unregulated dives to the Titanic were stopped. “I can’t stop thinking about that 19-year-old. Poor kid didn’t stand a chance and died due to his father’s flamboyant and risky interests,” writes a commentator. 

Bright Blue Led Headlights

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Why hasn’t the government banned the bright blue LED headlights? Driving at night is becoming impossible with those blinding lights! “I’ve had to brake when those cars pass by or pull into side roads. It’s worse if they are trucks because the headlights are higher,” complains a driver.

Profit-Driven Healthcare and Privatized Health Insurance

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Sadly, insurance companies refuse to pay for certain medical procedures in the name of profits. One user says, “I paid out of pocket for my last MRI because my insurance denied it. I wound up having surgery because my injury was so bad. But I didn’t need an MRI, according to my insurance.”

Plastic Packaging and Drinking Containers

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These plastic packaging and containers should go because ‘we are killing ourselves and our environment.’ 

Internet Bots

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These bots help social media platforms inflate ad revenue, but not everyone is excited about them.

Companies Making You Pay Subscriptions

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“It sucks. It seems you can’t buy any software anymore. You can only rent it,” writes a user who prefers one-time payments over subscriptions. 

24-Hour News Cycle

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One poster explains why the 24-hour news cycle should be banned, “It is a useless commentary with very little actual news. (Just) bring back the evening news hour.”

Reproduction Without Proof of Ability to Care for the Child

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It is sad when people have children that they cannot care for. However, if this bill passed, it would ‘drop the birth rate below the replacement rate, leading to a demographic catastrophe.’

Arranged Marriages

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Last on the list is arranged marriages. Some online users feel they should be banned, while others mention they are more successful than regular marriages. 

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