15 Things That Really Aren’t the Flexes People Think They Are

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Everyone has bragged about something in their lifetime. It’s basically a part of human nature. People boast about their talents, educational achievements, inheritance, wealth, etc. However, these 15 flexes are not something to be proud of. 

Sleep Deprivation

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Not getting enough sleep shouldn’t be something to brag about. People forget sleep deprivation negatively affects their physical, emotional, and mental health. If anything, they should flex about getting 8+ hours of sleep!

How Much Something They’re Wearing Costs When They Can’t Afford It

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Those who brag about this supposedly flex work extra hard to put up the facade. One user explains they’d be happier listening to someone boast they bought something cheaper than usual.  

Nominating a Coworker Who Can’t Afford Christmas

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An employee whose CEO flexed this as an amazing company culture explains, “To me, this reads, we pay our employees so poorly that every year, we have so many employees who can’t afford Christmas, so we have to nominate who needs help the most, and then we guilt trip our other grossly underpaid employees to compensate for it.”

Working Yourself to the Point of Having Absolutely No Time for Yourself

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The lack of work-life balance isn’t something to be proud of. One should have a life outside of work. 

Wearing Designer with Huge Logos

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“Paying to be a walking advertisement is not a flex at all,” points out a poster. Many people who wear huge logo designer clothes do this to look rich, forgetting that many really high-end clothes have subtle logos. 

Number of Followers You Have on Social Media

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Additionally, the number of followers on any social media platform isn’t a flex. It’s similar to boasting how many views or comments your post has. 

How Many Times They Went to Jail

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Who, in their right mind, brags about going to jail? While this may give off a don’t-care attitude for some, it annoys many.  

How Big Their Car Payments Are

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It’s wild how some people think making big car payments is a flex when they don’t have enough money for rainy days. One employee shares, “I had a coworker at a $ 15-hour job brag about her Chevy Blazer. Her payments were almost $800, which wasn’t like some special or fancy edition. It has nearly everything my Honda Civic has that is only $300 a month.”

Being Proud About Being Uneducated

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Some people wouldn’t judge anyone who said they were uneducated. However, they draw the line when the ignorant person brags they “went to the school of hard knocks” or something similar. 

Being Proud About Being “Brutally Honest” When They’re Just Rude

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Others brag they are “brutally honest” and blunt, or they “tell it as it is,” while they’re just casually cruel, terrible, and rude. 

Never Calling in Sick for Work

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It is also infuriating how some employees brag they never call in sick. Unfortunately, being at work when sick means they’re spreading their illness to others. 

Declaring Yourself an Alpha Male

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This, too, should never be a flex because it screams shortcomings in personality and behavior. 

How Much of a Drinker They Are

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Unknown to these braggers, they are unconsciously romanticizing their addiction, which isn’t a good thing. 

Car Finance Over 7 Years

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It’s also wild that some people will brag about financing a car for 5+ years, not realizing that they are paying more on interest. 

Being an Influencer

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While being an influencer is considered a lucrative career by the younger generation, many people don’t consider it something to be proud of. In fact, many users mention most online content creators don’t add value to society.  

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