15 Successful Propaganda Efforts That People Still Believe In

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In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to find and verify if a piece of information is factual or a hoax. However, there are successful propaganda efforts that, despite having access to the internet, people still believe them. 

KFC for Christmas

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“Apparently, in the 80s, KFC ran a Christmas-themed ad in Japan,” mentions a user. To date, the Japanese believe in having KFC chicken on Christmas. “It’s almost like a cultural thing now, like how people in the US eat turkey on Thanksgiving,” writes another user. 

Fat Makes You Fat

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This is another misconception that most people believe in, while in reality, excess calories are what makes one fat. You can get these extra calories from protein and carbs like sugar, wheat, red meat, cheese, and rice, though most people blame fat for their added weight.   

Carrots Make Your Vision Better

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Do you still believe this? “During WW2, the British government started a propaganda campaign pedaling the idea that eating carrots helped their RAF fighter pilots see better, when in fact, the still-secret radar was responsible for the improved interception stability,” explains a poster.

Recycling Plastics

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Corporations created this ploy to “defer the responsibility of their products’ waste onto the consumers.” Meanwhile, the government looks the other way as it doesn’t enforce strict regulations on these companies. 

Diamonds Are Rare and Expensive

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“There are over 60,000 jewelry stores in America alone, all these selling these ultra-rare diamonds?” wonders a user. It turns out De Beers, a world-leading diamond company, created an effective monopoly with this conspiracy to make a profit. 

Knuckle Cracking Gives You Arthritis

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There’s no harm in cracking your knuckles, but some people still believe it causes arthritis. “My dad claims his arthritis is because of this and not because of his wild younger life that had many injuries and decades of physical labor,” writes a poster. 

Toothpaste Nurdle

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Commercials and ads encourage users to smear a big toothpaste nurdle, whereas you only need a peanut-sized one. If only people read the instructions at the back of the toothpaste tube. 

Columbus Was the Only Person Who Believed the World Was Round

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No, he wasn’t. “Everyone who could read knew the earth was round. Nobody thought Columbus would fall off the edge. They thought his crew would starve to death before reaching the East Indies,” clarifies a commentator. 

Touching a Baby Bird Will Make Its Mother Reject It

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Also, most birds have a terrible sense of smell and won’t know you touched their babies. However, some people hold on to this conspiracy. 

Humans Only Use 10% Of Their Brains

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Modern imaging, such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI), discredits this belief because humans use 100% of their brains.

Bulls Hate the Color Red

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Why would a color-blind animal hate this one color? Turns out, bulls react to movement or poking from their handlers, but you’ll have a hard time convincing some fans. 

Dogs Don’t See Color

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Dogs don’t have great vision like humans, but that doesn’t make them color-blind. They can discern shades of blue, yellow, and gray but might not see orange, red, and purple. 

Msg Is Bad

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MSG still holds a reputation for being unhealthy and toxic. But people don’t know that small amounts of the additive cause no harm. Additionally, since it naturally occurs in some foods, the human body doesn’t differentiate between natural and additive MSG. 

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

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This was a genius marketing strategy by a breakfast cereal brand that is held on to date. But all meals are as important. 

The Customer Is Always Right

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“The actual quote is, ‘The customer is always right in matters of taste.’ Nothing about price, service, or refunds, just taste,” clarifies a poster. However, now it’s become too popular to the point some people think it’s the law. 

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