15 Hacks That Sound Silly but Can Actually Save Lives

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The internet is full of “life hacks” aimed at making your life easier. While some are useful, some just sound downright crazy to begin with. Or are they? On an online forum, people reveal 15 ridiculous and even impossible hacks they swear actually work. Some of these can even be lifesaving!

Keep One of Your Feet Lifted Slightly off the Ground to Stay Awake

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One user explains that lifting one foot slightly off the ground can help you remain awake during a class or a meeting. 

If a Man Is in an Accident and He Gets an Erection, Don’t Move Him

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Our first instinct after reading this was it was a fake hack, but research shows otherwise. If a man gets a penile erection after an accident, high chances are he has suffered a spinal cord injury, and it’s best not to move him. 

A paramedic writes, “It’s called a priapism and is associated with a mid to low back injury.”

During Pollen Season, Rinse Your Head Before Going to Bed

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The user who suggests this lifehack explains that if you are not rinsing your head during the pollen season, “you are just depositing pollen on your pillowcase every night and then rolling your face in it all night.”  

Rub Vegetable Oil After Cutting Peppers

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“It gets rid of the awfulness that would normally be left on hands from the peppers,” explains a post and adds that you should wash the oil off with soap. 

Rubbing Alcohol Removes Chewing Gum

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Online users also agree that rubbing alcohol gets chewing gum and paint off clothes. “Rubbing alcohol removes most adhesives,” says a poster. 

Push Into the Bite

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“If you are ever attacked by a dog, push your forearm into the bite. This pries the jaws apart and prevents them from clamping down. The sooner and harder you push into the bite, the less damage the bite will do,” explains a user. 

Yell at Your Vacuum Cleaner to Get Your Dogs to Stop Barking at It

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Who knew yelling at your loud vacuum cleaner could get your dogs to stop barking at it? “Dogs look to their owners to see how they react to things,” says a post. 

Use Windex to Get a Stuck Ring Off

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A user who worked at a jewelry store for 5+ years swears Windex removes a stuck ring off your finger. 

Count Slowly up to 150 to Fall Asleep

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“The goal is to force your brain into slowing down and not having any jerky motions or thoughts, and eventually reaching a level of carelessness that you eventually fall asleep without realizing,” explains a post. 

If Your Car Is Overheating, Turn Your Heat on Full Blast

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This hack seems counterintuitive, but turning the heat on full blast helps “pull the heat from the engine into the car, thus cooling the engine.

Use Shaving Cream as Anti-fog

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“Smear it on (mirrors, glasses, car windows), let it dry, then rinse off, and dry,” recommends a poster. 

Spray Cockroaches With Water and Soap

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Not only is this life hack cheap and effective, but safe too. “The soap film suffocates them (cockroaches) faster than any chemicals will,” explains a commentator who initially didn’t believe the hack. 

Nail Polish Remover Gets Permanent Marker off Skin

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“That’s because lots of nail polish removers are acetone-based, and that stuff is an amazing solvent,” explains a post. 

If You Start to Cough While Eating or Drinking, Raise Your Hands

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Raising your hands when you start to cough when eating ‘opens your airways and will allow you to catch your breath.

Use a Wet Knife to Chop Onions

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A user who has used this hack writes, “It reduces tears if you have sensitive eyes.”

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