14 Words and Phrases That Are Immediate Turn-Offs

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We communicate daily, but some words and phrases can be off-putting and leave a bad taste. Redditors say that these 14 words and phrases are immediate turnoffs if you want to keep the conversation going. 

“People Don’t Like Me Because I Tell It Like It Is”

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People who utter this phrase feel it is okay to be brutal and hurtful in the name they are telling the hard truths. It is no wonder many Reddit users consider this phrase a turnoff. 

“No Offense, But…”

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The phrase starts alright with the ‘No offense.’ However, every word after the ‘But’ is usually offensive. 

“Don’t Take This the Wrong Way…”

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Another phrase with a disaster statement is ‘Don’t take this the wrong way.’ Some Redditors feel it closely relates to the ‘No offense, but…’ phrase. 

“I Hate Drama”

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Saying I hate drama implies that usually, you are in a bunch of drama,” a Redditor says. Another user adds, “Those of us who hate drama feel no need to announce it. We quietly bail out of the situation.

“I’m Brutally Honest”

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One commentator outlines that when a person uses this phrase, it is similar to saying, “I am going to say the harshest and most offensive thing and accept zero responsibility on how it lands.” 

“I’m So Bipolar”

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Some people say ‘I’m so bipolar’ to explain why they are indecisive, to play off poor life choices, or to sound quirky,” says one Redditor. 

“I’m So Ocd”

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A Reddit user who has OCD finds this phrase annoying. She says, “OCD is a horrible condition that limits your life and gives you so much stress and anxiety. People seem to use those words to make them feel special.”

“I’m an Alpha Male”

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Any man who must say ‘I am an Alpha Male, is no true Alpha Male,” explains a post. 

“I Only Have Guy Friends”

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It is okay when a woman has guy friends. But dishing this phrase only to tear down all other women is a huge turnoff. 

“We’re a Family Here”

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Some people use this phrase in a work setting, which does not sit right with Reddit users. “We’re all here because we need to make money. Don’t conflate that with being a family,” explains a commentator.   

“As an Empath…”

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One commentator writes, “I think self-proclaimed empaths are either overestimating their empathy or underestimating everyone else’s. Only someone who cannot emotionally regulate or has narcissistic tendencies would try to make other people’s feelings about them.” 

“Oh, That’s Such Typical (Star Sign) Behavior”

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You don’t believe in star signs? You are a Scorpio” or “Sorry for being blunt, but I am a Leo” are absolute turnoffs. According to one user, “Every horoscope is a Rorschach’s test. People will see whatever they want to see.

“If You Can’t Handle Me at My Worst, You Don’t Deserve Me at My Best”

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A commentator explains about these kinds of people, “Their worst comes through 95% of the time, while their best happens once in a blue moon.” This makes their best ‘mediocrity.’

“My Ex Was a Narcissist”

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Suddenly everyone’s ex was a narcissist? No. A Reddit user who works in the behavioral health field advises, “Just because you both wanted different things in life does not make him selfish enough to be labeled as a personality disorder. Just say you weren’t compatible and move on.

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