14 Strange Things That Are Actually 100% Normal

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Kissing, crying, laughing, and even dancing. These things are practically normal, but they can be pretty weird if you think about them long enough. For instance, who came up with smacking your palms together to show appreciation for others? Here are other mind-boggling everyday things. 

Kissing Musical Instruments

Young Boy Holds His Guitar Upside Down And Kisses It.
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Wouldn’t you say kissing a musical instrument is bizarre? Over 30,000 users on an online platform do.  


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When clapping, “you’re literally hitting yourself repeatedly to show appreciation for others.” One commentator says, “Animals must think we are mentally apart from seals. Seals know.”

Another commentator adds high fives to the weird yet normal things. “It’s such a pithy, forced expression that only usually one person feels obligated to do and forces others into it.”

Having Pets

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Isn’t it wild that “we have another living creature (living) with us and bond with it?” And if we were being honest, we separate these animals from their families and take them against their will. 


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Over 18,000 online users find the entire concept of laughter weird. “Why does our face contort and our diaphragm spasm when certain things happen? And how does our brain decide what things are funny and what things aren’t?”

The Stomach Is Filled With Corrosive Acid

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Your stomach “naturally produces hydrochloric acid. It’s corrosive and can burn through your skin and tissues. But our stomach lining is covered in mucus to prevent us from eating inside out.” Pretty weird, right?


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Dancing involves moving your body to the rhythm of sound. But isn’t that wild how your body moves to match the music?  


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“Who was the first person to say ‘Let’s mash my mouth against yours and see what happens’?” asks a user. Another says, “Kissing is gross. You are just mashing your food holes together.”

Having Kids

Woman And Man Holding A Newborn. Mom Dad And Baby.
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The concept of making a human with “thoughts, feelings, and desires” is pretty weird. One user says, “You’re just gonna make a person? You’re just gonna snatch an innocent soul out of the void and force sentience upon it? What the hell.” 

Drinking Other Animal’s Milk

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How is it normal to “freely drink liquids from other animals?” “That liquid isn’t for us,” states a user, “It’s something that should be consumed for nutrients when we are babies, not a regular drink.”

Another user says, “It’s not different with (eating) eggs. The yolk and stuff are specially formulated for baby chicks, but we don’t eat the inside of people’s wombs.”


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“Why does my body create liquid from my eyes if something is sad?” wonders a poster. And isn’t it weird how sometimes “you feel better after crying?”

Some Mold Is Edible

Lab Technician Researching With Petri Plate For Analysis In The
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Yup, you read that right. “It’s even crazier how mold has shaped modern medicine,” explains a poster. 

Birds Having a Built-in GPS System

Picture Of A Bird While Flying Shot On 27th February
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Think about how birds “can fly south for the winter, then back to the same tree up north.”

It’s the same with monarch butterflies that can “hang out on a tree, migrate and come back 7 generations later to the exact same tree.”


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Ever given any thought to the random words you speak and sounds you make when talking? How did we even get here? Like, why is a rock called a rock and not the sky? Where is the link between words and the objects they represent?  


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When one user gave much thought to reading, he found it crazy, “Like there are all these random squiggles, and we can instantly interpret them into complex thoughts, concepts, feelings, and emotions – from people we’ve never met or sometimes even heard of before.” 

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