14 Outright Signs of a Genuinely Good Person

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As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. And you can often tell a lot about a person’s character from the way they act. Their actions come naturally and are consistent, rather than feeling forced. A popular online forum discussed these 10 signs of a truly good person.

Include Someone Left Out in a Conversation

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Users who’ve had a good person checking in on them to ensure they are not left out in a conversation or an ongoing fun moment point out that it feels incredible. “They have no idea what an impact this can have on someone,” reads a post. 

Pick up Sharp Objects on the Parking Lot or Road

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They pick up nails, screws, or sharp objects they come across so people don’t get flat tires.” Another user adds, “My ex does this because she fears a dog might cut their paw.” Still considerate, right? 

Asks What You Were Saying

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If you’ve been rudely interrupted, you understand how good it feels when someone asks, “You were saying?” which shows compassion and genuine interest. 

Says Good Things About People Behind Their Backs

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A friend is someone who will mock you to your face and defend you behind your back,” writes a Reddit user. 

Asks Follow-up Questions Even if They Don’t Understand a Topic

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I love watching people talk excitedly about things that they do or are into. That’s the best excitement.”

Pace Themselves When Walking With a Group of People

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They make sure nobody gets left behind by pacing between the leaders and strugglers and keeping an eye on both,” notes a commentator. 

Remembers a Tiny Detail About Your Life

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When a person remembers tiny details about your conversations or life, it shows they are genuinely interested in you. A commentator who is good at remembering these details mentions that it is her “secret to giving excellent gifts.” 

Patient if You’re Struggling to Explain Something

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One Reddit user who struggles to get people’s attention explains that finding someone who intentionally wants him to expound his thoughts always catches him off guard. 

Keep Trash Until They Find a Dustbin

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Not littering should be common decency, but most people ignore it. Fortunately, a good person will hold on to their trash until they can dispose of it appropriately. 

Never Said Anything Mean About a Rude Client

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A commentator writes about his boss, ‘He has never said anything about a rude client or competitive business.’ And his comment is backed by another commentator’s post, ‘How you speak to others isn’t an indication of who they are but of who you are.

Quietly Helping You

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A good person will also help you without expecting praise. 

Put Back Items on the Right Shelf

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It might seem minor, but when shopping at a convenience store, it is decent to place the items you do not intend to buy back on their right shelves rather than on random shelves. Good people do not say, “An employee will put it back because it’s his job.” 

Always Returns the Cart

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You can tell if someone has self-governance from how they handle their shopping cart. How? Returning a shopping cart is easy, and no one gets punished for not doing it. So, if you find a person inclined to return their cart because it is the right thing, they must be good. 

Wait for You When You Tie Your Shoelaces

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Some people are also kind to wait for a friend to tie their shoelaces instead of leaving them to catch up. 

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