14 Romanticized Jobs That Actually Suck

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From big salaries to jobs that will make a difference, some professions are so heavily romanticized that we’ve end believing them. Unfortunately, the truth is far from what we’ve expected; they suck.  


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The great side of being a bet is working with animals. But you also have to handle gore, blood, and death of animals and ignorant clients neglecting the welfare of their pets.

It’s even sadder that the “suicide rate is high among veterinarians.”


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“People don’t realize that it’s 15% (maybe less) of architects who actually design. The rest are managers or drafters,” points out a commentator. In addition, they endure “toxic work culture and sulky pay” and “job insecurity because the minute the economy looks like it might slow down, clients disappear.”


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Being a lifeguard seems glamorous, getting paid to tan, but it is a tough job. “Drowning is silent, so you really need to be observant. There are also a lot of parents who can’t or won’t watch their children, and others underestimate how dangerous water can be,” writes a retired lifeguard.

Game Developer

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A game developer says, “People think it’s all about creativity and making something cool and fun when the reality is a lot of terrible stuff.”


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Most people become journalists to chase the next big story. Sadly, this rarely happens as you spend most of the time chasing deadlines, making phone calls, and reading hate mail, then receiving poor pay. 

Game Tester

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Game testing comes off as a fun job, but game testers disagree. “You spend all day, every day working on finding bugs, edge cases, and doing unit tests…without actually doing the fun part,” writes a user.

Plus, it can “be a minimum wage job” because “there’s more supply of people interested in it.


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People also glorify lawyers after watching courtroom dramas on TV. However, it involves “reading super-complicated, dry, boring stuff every day,” “working with angry, self-entitled, abusive clients,” and “pages of paperwork.” 

Film Crew

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“It sucks. Long hours for slow progress on the picture, lots of standing around waiting, and you arrive well before everyone else and leave after everyone else,” explains a film crew. Plus, “there is a lot of hard physical labor, and we work outside in almost any weather conditions,” adds another. 


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One post reads, “Between the diet, stress, and tens of hours of practice every week for hundreds of weeks in a row; you destroy your body in the process.” Besides, “the odds of being a professional dancer after 30 are almost nil.”


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“99% of the time, you find nothing. It’s often physically demanding, the pay is terrible, there are no benefits, you constantly have to travel, and there’s very little stability,” explains an archeologist. 


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“There’s a reason, like half of the musicians have a song about how lonely and draining it is to tour,” reads a post. And “musicians are way underpaid” since people “expect music to be free.


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On TV, being a therapist is portrayed as an “affluent white collar, own office, warm, slow pace environment, where you get to sit on a nice, comfy couch and be like, ‘let’s talk about your feelings.'” 

In reality, once you graduate, your first job involves working at a Community Mental Health Center with over 100 complicated client cases, which can take a toll on your mental health.


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Teachers are “underpaid, over-blamed, and overworked.” But most teachers are content dealing with the kids but not their “terrible parents.’ 

Flight Attendant

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Don’t flight attendants look great in their uniforms with their warm, inviting smiles? However, you do not see how much time they spend away from home or that they have to deal with jet lag, passenger conflicts, and travel delays. 

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