14 Phrases People Are Sick Of

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Who knew that simple words and phrases could be so upsetting, demeaning, poisonous, or insane? These words serve as fillers for conversations that have little to no meaning. Which expression are you tired of hearing?

Sorry, Not Sorry

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To one Reddit user, the sorry not sorry phrase is “such a pretentious, condescending ‘I’m better than you’ phrase.” “It is similar to saying no offense and proceeding to be major offensive,” adds another user. 

So I Says to…I Says

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This phrase is fun and interesting when Uncle Colm of the Derry Girls show says it. But when people use it daily, for example, “So I says to him, I says…get your own monkey,” the phrase becomes ‘absolutely insufferable.’ 

Live Laugh Love

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One commentator dislikes this phrase and points out, “If you need to get someone you don’t really like a gift, something with this printed on it is grade-A material.”

Follow Your Dreams

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Dreaming big is romanticized, but in reality, striving towards a goal you have little to no chance of achieving is a great way to set yourself up for a life of disappointment and regret,” says one Reddit user who finds the phrase unreasonable. Another user recommends the phrase changes to “follow your effort.” 

Someone’s Got a Case of Mondays

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Most of us start the week in a gloomy mood, and “there are good reasons to be sad on Monday.” But it is annoying when people use this phrase to cover up their laziness and incompetence. 

Because I Said So

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Parents find themselves saying because I said so (consciously or unconsciously) to reinforce their authority. Unfortunately, this simple phrase can affect a child’s response because “children mimic that same behavior and believe they don’t have to explain the reason behind their action,” points out a commentator.  

I Could Care Less

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This one drives British people up the wall,” reads a post. Why? Because “It should be said ‘I couldn’t care less’ because if ‘could care less,’ you care some, and it doesn’t make sense,” explains a commentator. 

You Wouldn’t Understand

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Likely, I might not understand what’s happening, but why dismiss me so fast without trying to make me understand? It worsens when this phrase and “do not worry about it” are used.

If You Can’t Handle Me at My Worst, You Don’t Deserve Me at My Best

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One commentator explains the logic behind this phrase, “If you’re serious about being with someone, then you should be there even if things aren’t perfect. But so many people use it as an excuse to be rude and ignore the prospect that they might be toxic.”

Let That Sink In

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Normally said by people sharing a ‘life changing’ piece of information,” reads a post. 

Thoughts and Prayers

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People use this phrase to comfort people dealing with pain, tragedy, or loss. But “a lot of people use the phrase lightly and without much care,” says a commentator. 

Everything Happens for a Reason

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Some people think this phrase is comforting, but it’s a mindless cliché. If someone gets into a car crash because one party was texting while driving, did the accident happen for a reason? Or why would one use this phrase if they got food poisoning from eating contaminated or expired food? 

Give Me One More Minute

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People who are not time-conscious flash this phrase around, and Reddit users are sick of hearing it. 

Let’s Touch Base

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This phrase means reconnecting or checking in with someone. But some Reddit users feel it sounds sexual. 

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