14 Straightforward Things That People Are Tired of Explaining

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You would think that general knowledge doesn’t need explaining. These are concepts taught in school or just unspoken but understood by all. But the reality is that common sense is not common. Despite being self-explanatory, these 14 things still need spelling out for many people.

Antibiotics Do Not Work on a Virus

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If you’ve got a virus, don’t get antibiotics. Antibiotics clear and prevent bacterial infections.

Not to Pour Water Into Hot Oil

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Oil and water do not mix. So, the minute you pour water into hot oil, water sinks into the bottom, instantly vaporizing and expelling hot oil. In short, it creates a fire hazard that most people are unaware of.     

How to Spot an Obvious Scam

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Sadly, some people are still falling prey to scammers. In this era, identifying an obvious scam should be basic knowledge. For instance, if someone calls you claiming that you have an outstanding balance for a service you don’t use, it is crystal clear that they just want your money. 

Every Machine Needs Maintenance

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Some people think maintenance only applies to big items, but this is not true. “Think dishwashers, washing machines, cars, mowers, etc.,” advises a user. “They aren’t magic boxes and will last longer if you know how to maintain them.”

Not to Eat Medium-Rare Chicken

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Eating medium-rare chicken increases the risk of salmonella, but some people are okay with ordering this at the restaurant. 

Wait for People to Get off the Elevator

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It should also be common knowledge to let people get off the elevator or public transportation first before cramming themselves in. But as you’ve guessed, people don’t do this. 

Tax Brackets

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When it comes to tax brackets, many people do not know that “you only pay the higher rate on the portion above the threshold amount.” 

Zipper Merging in Traffic

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This technique helps merge two busy lanes into one, keeping the traffic moving. The lanes take turns merging, alternating between both lanes. As simple as this technique sounds, many drivers are terrible at it.  

How to Tell if Food Has Gone Bad

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Other than your tongue, your eyes and nose can tell you when food has gone bad, sometimes days before the expiration date on the package. Some people, however, rely solely on their tongue and have to cook the food first to realize it has an odd taste.  

Natural Doesn’t Mean It Is Automatically Healthy

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And the opposite is also true, “Just because something is artificial or synthetic doesn’t mean it is automatically bad for you.”

Don’t Dive in the Water to Save a Drowning Person

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Someone who is drowning is in panic mode and can easily push you under as they try to save themselves. “Wait until they are unconscious and dive in to retrieve them,” or “Punch them in the face to try and either knock some clarity into them or knock them out.”

The Difference Between There, Their, and They’re

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These three words may have identical pronunciations, but they have different meanings. Sadly, not everyone knows how to use them in a sentence correctly. 

Mixing Bleach and Pine-Sol Creates Toxic Fumes

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Many people combine these toxic liquids, but it’s a big no-no. “Mixing bleach and pine-sol creates toxic fumes that can kill you if they build up too much in a room.” Bleach also contains high ammonia levels!  

Using Turn Signals

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“They are not optional for cars. Use them,” writes one user. Another adds, “This drives me nuts! (Using turn signals) is not rocket science.” 

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