14 Actions People Think Are Polite but Are Actually Annoying

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Being polite is a big flex. But why do some people get annoyed with being nice? Well, it’s not the intention that infuriates people, it’s the timing of the actions. Here are 14 nice gestures that rub people the wrong way for situational reasons.

Giving the Right of Way

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This seems like the polite thing to do, but it annoys some people. “People are so eager to be polite that they forget there’s traffic coming the other way,” writes a bike rider. 

A different user also says, “It’s safer to be predictable than polite when driving.”

Stopping for You to Cross

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“A driver stops his car and smiles, gestures for me to cross the street while dozens of other cars are speeding by?” No, thank you. Or, “You’ve got a stop sign, and they don’t.”

People Videotaping Their Nice Gestures for Views

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Helping a homeless person is nice, but do you really need to record and share it for views and likes? 

Cleaning Up Your Things

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Cleaning up a person’s room is also great, but it instantly becomes annoying when you move things around or throw them away. 

“I had a cleaning lady that rearranged stuff because she found the system confusing. I told her multiple times that it was not meant for her but for me,” says a poster.  

Insisting to Pick You up for the First Date

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It is also vexing “when a guy you meet on Tinder or another app insists on picking you up for the date.” 

“Insisting isn’t a nice gesture,” states a post, with another adding, “Insisting on anything from a total stranger is a red flag. It’s a first date. If they disrespect you before meeting, you don’t want to see their bad side.”

Insisting You Need Company

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“Some people don’t understand the difference between being alone and being lonely,” explains a user. And it is annoying when people see you alone and immediately assume you need company.” “No, I don’t need company. Leave me alone.”

Store Employees Asking if They Can Help Find Anything

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Store employees asking this while looking for products in the aisle section is helpful, but not when “handing me my receipt and change.”

People Telling You to Smile

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Also, telling people to smile can be maddening. “Telling someone to smile is such a selfish act. Sorry my facial expression and emotional state isn’t to your liking,” reads a post. Another annoying phrase is, “You’d be prettier if you smiled.”

Holding the Doors for People Who Are Too Far Away

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“Holding the door for someone not within 3-4 steps of the same door” is also annoying. “I feel obligated to rush since they are holding it. Please stop doing this,” requests a commentator. 

People Asking“What’s Wrong?”

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One poster hates when people ask this: “Every time I don’t look happy as a 5-year-old on Christmas.” It gets worse for people with resting faces. 

Thanking You for Your Service

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Military personnel are also not thrilled with people thanking them for their service. A post says, “If you really want to show them respect, then support expanded veterans’ benefits (especially healthcare) and don’t support any kind of war.”

Men Who Wait for Women to Get off the Elevator First

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Forget the “ladies first” rule when getting off an elevator. “The person near the door should leave first. It’s just awkward to have to squeeze around someone who is blocking your way because they think it’s rude to get out first,” mentions a poster. 

Denying or Downplaying Compliments

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It is infuriating when you offer someone a genuine compliment, but they downplay or deny it. 

When People Try Helping Take Drinks off Your Tray

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Servers also hate it when people take drinks off the tray. “I have the tray perfectly balanced, and it throws off the balance when you take the drinks off when I am not ready,” writes a waiter.  

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