14 Movie Clichés That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes and Cringe

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Many cinematic clichés have become very famous. They are easy to recognize regardless of the movie’s director, actors, or genre. More often than not, they get overplayed so much that you can predict how the movie will conclude. Most internet users cringe at the following list of movie clichés.


Hero Decides to Spare the Villain

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We know villains hurt innocent people. So the movie showcases the hero strategizing how to stop the villain because they are causing violence and deaths. But just as the hero catches the villains, he forgives them because “there has been a lot of bloodshed.”

Guy With a Bad Job but Can Afford His Own Place in the City

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Interestingly, this guy does not just own a basic house but one with a “nice view,” “fully decorated,” “with exposed brick,” and “has a 10/10 supermodel girlfriend.” 

Asks Why the Police Are Chasing Them

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And then, there is a character who has been terrorizing the city and wonders why the police are after him. How now?

Creepy Things Framed as Romantic

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Sneaking into someone’s room to watch them sleep is creepy. However, when portrayed in movies, it becomes a romantic gesture. Plus, when someone says “No,” the characters take it to mean “Keep trying.” 

Leaves After Taking a Sip

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A user says, “I have endeavored to finish all drinks I pay for.” But that’s different in movies. Characters order a drink, take a sip, then leave. 

Henchmen Are More Afflicted by Gunfire

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Another cliché is when the main character gets shot and can still walk, but when a henchman is hit at the exact spot, they die instantly. 

One user gives an example from the Live Free Or Die Hard movie, “Bruce Willis character (the main character) shoots through his own chest to shoot the bad guy in the chest. The good guy is injured and turns out fine, but the bad guy is instantly killed.”

Grenade Don’t Blow up Into a Huge Fireball

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Yes, grenades don’t just “pop and leave a marginal dust cloud.” explains a poster. Filmmakes also often don’t “depict how deafening the explosion is.

Main Character Doesn’t Explain the Full Complexity of His Situation

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We’ve heard this line before, “I can explain,” yet we receive no explanation.

Checks Pulse While Wearing Gloves

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Here’s an example of this cliché, “A SWAT guy checks a downed victim for a pulse when wearing heavy knife-proof Kevlar riot gloves and is somehow able to feel it.” Honestly, “this is super dumb,” writes a user. 

Waking up Perfect After Sex

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Let us also talk about the morning after sex where “everyone’s hair is perfect, and skin is glowing with no dark circles under the eyes,” followed by a scene where the woman “stands up with a blanket wrapped around her while collecting her clothes” to hide her chest from the same guy who saw her naked.

Villains Failing Because of Minor Things

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Also, it’s cliché that villains are defeated because of minor things while good guys win because of sheer luck. 

Turning on the TV and Immediately Seeing Relevant News Report

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“It is either at the beginning of the report, or you catch the tail end, and the reporter is like, ‘In case you didn’t hear that, let me repeat,'” explains a user. Another user adds, “Then the phone rings (and the actor says), ‘Yeah, I’m watching it now!'”

The Dead Villain Is Not Dead

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Here is one way the movies play this cliché, “(They show a) close up of villain’s face, slowly zoom in more to their closed eyes…hold it there… and BOOM! Eyes open with sound effects designed to make you jump your seat, then the screen fades to black, and the credits roll.”

Character Comes Out of Retirement for One Last Job

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Lastly, there’s always one last job for the retired character, and only they are suited for. 

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