14 Clever Clap Backs That Will Leave Your Critic Speechless

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It feels terrible to have nothing good to say when people insult you. Instead of resulting in low-quality responses like cursing, try using these 14 witty retorts. It will be satisfying to see your critic dumbstruck.

You Have Your Entire Life to Be an Idiot. Why Not Take Today Off?

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I bet you laughed after reading this line. What would be your comeback if this insult was directed at you? One commentator says, “If someone said that to me, I would be in shambles.”

You Are a Raisin in My Chocolate Chip Cookie

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“My guy called you old and a nuisance in one sentence,” explains a user. Another user adds that the guy was called a disappointment, the same way it would be disappointing to find a raisin in a chocolate chip cookie.

If She Were a Spice, She’d Be Flour

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Another creative insult derived from Bob’s Burger’s comedy clip is ‘if she were a spice, she’d be flour.’ Well, flour isn’t a spice, right?

I Envy People Who Don’t Know You

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This insult has an ‘Ouch’ feeling attached to it. 

Were You the Taboo Subject in Your Family

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Most people hate it when insults drag their family. Nevertheless, we’ve got to admit that this line is creative. Another user says, “Your parents change the subject when someone asks about you.”

Your Face Looks Like Something I’d Draw With My Left Hand

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This is an insult because “They (the person insulting) are right-handed, and anyone who has ever written with the opposite hand knows everything looks like chicken scratch toddler doodles,” explains a poster. 

You’re My Ticket to Heaven

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“My husband jokingly said I was his ticket to heaven. I’ll admit it took me a minute to figure out he insulted me,” writes a wife. In other words, the husband is a saint to put up with her. 

You Have 2 Brain Cells, and They’re Fighting for 3rd Place

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A user from an online forum added this line while commenting about this creative insult, “You have two brain cells, and they aren’t talking to each other.”

You Are Smarter Than You Look

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People use this line to question someone’s intelligence or their looks. Either way, each scenario gets a negative implication. However, people from Australia and the UK consider the line a compliment. 

You Look Easy to Draw

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This is another way of “calling someone plain or average looking in the best case,” a user points out. Despite this, some artists feel this statement could also be a compliment. 

You Are as Sharp as a Marble

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In other words, you are ignorant or incredibly stupid. 

I Don’t Have the Time or Crayons to Explain This to You

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If you are wondering what this insult means, here’s a simple explanation from an online user, “I’d explain this to you, but it would be like trying to teach my cat the concept of time.”

You Have a Face for Radio

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This is another creative insult for an ugly face. It means you do not have the ‘necessary looks’ to appear on TV.

If You Ate Trash, It Would Be Cannibalism

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Did you get the insult here? Somebody just called you trash. So if you ate trash, it would be trash eating fellow trash, hence cannibalism. 

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