14 Harmful Household Items You Didn’t Think About

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We often think about obvious household hazards like electrical and sharp items. You probably didn’t realize these 14 things were secretly more dangerous. Some of these may make life more convenient, but are they worth the risk? 

Tile Floors

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Unfortunately, many people die from slipping on wet tile floors. One survivor writes, “I did break my humerus open at the top; eight weeks of keeping shoulder immobile, 12 weeks of physical therapy. Don’t slip on a tile floor.”


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“It’s poisonous. It can blind you if it gets in your eyes,” cautions a poster. 


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I almost died from walking barefoot in a yard with ant killer pellets spread when my legs were a little wet. It started to shut down my nervous system, and I just collapsed. I remember tasting metal and then fading out,” shares a user.


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If you use a clothes iron, don’t forget to turn it off and unplug it! Many irons today are built with overheating protections. Still, you shouldn’t test your luck. 

Garage Doors

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A user recommends leaving garage door repairs to the professionals, “The springs carry a lot of weight, and it’s pretty capable of sending you to the hospital if you are doing DIY repairs.” 

Another user adds, “Don’t mess with the torsion spring, especially. There is potential energy there to rip your arm out of the socket in a blink of an eye.”


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Another overlooked dangerous area is the stairs. “People fall up or down them a lot,” reads a post. You can lose your teeth, break an arm or leg, or hit your face or head after tripping on the stairs. 

Garbage Disposal

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Contrary to common belief, garbage disposal won’t shred your hand into tiny pieces, but it can do enough damage to send you to a hospital and have your hand amputated.

Dull Knives

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Knives, sharp or blunt, have the potential to cause harm. However, “A sharp knife cuts you with intent and requires less force. A dull knife requires more force and makes mishaps far worse,” explains a poster. In other words, “a sharp knife cuts, a dull knife rips.”

Mandoline Slicer

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One poster jokes, “The mandolin slicer is a demon who will serve the kitchen faithfully, but it demands a blood sacrifice.” This is because the slicer “slices over 9,000 fingers every year.”

“I lost the tip of my right index finger from not using the finger guard. The worst part was my vein feeling fingertip. I can’t feel anything with it anymore,” writes a user. 


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“Hairspray and any spray can be used as an impromptu flamethrower,” states a user. A different user writes, “There have been two explosions due to hairspray in my city recently. One blew a door off when no one was in the room.”

Still on impromptu flamethrowers, a different poster cautions about powdery things, “Powdery things are very flammable since they have a lot of surface area. Flour, powdered sugar, sugar, dust, etc.” 

Throw Rugs

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One user calls them literal death traps in senior citizens’ homes because when “they (the elderly) trip on that tiny little edge of a carpet, or it slides on the floor, you now have an old person with a broken hip and a death sentence.”


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Falling off a ladder is also dangerous, and “you don’t need to be that high to hurt yourself badly.” 

One user shares, “My father missed the next to last step while checking a gutter. He fell maybe two feet, but his body turned in the air as he attempted to break his fall. He broke his ulna and radius and now has a metal bar holding both bones together.”

Space Heaters

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Unattended space heaters and faulty wiring can cause fires or death. 


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Resist the urge to fix your refrigerator when it breaks down. This is because “the cooling element can rupture and the capacitors can hold a lethal charge after it has been unplugged.

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