14 Craziest Reasons People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Most people dread hearing these three words, ‘You are fired!.’ If you’ve been fired before, was there a crazy reason why? Users on a popular online forum had so much to say about getting fired, and they listed the following crazy reasons.  

Asleep With a Lit Cigarette

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One employee lost his job for sleeping with a lit cigarette. At the time, ‘smoking wasn’t legal indoors, let alone in an office building,’ reads a post.

Called in Sick but Appeared at Work Drunk

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Funnily, a guy working in a bar called in sick only to show up at the same bar drunk during his shift. As you guessed, the management fired him. 

Used a Forklift to Lift Car

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A certain guy gets hired at a lumber company, and two hours into the job, he ‘picks up his car with a forklift and stands beneath it to see what was rattling when he drove.’ Crazy, right? 

Stole the Boss’ Ruler

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Stealing the boss’ ruler (the one with clear markings) and insisting it is yours will also get you fired.

Watching Porn

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Work isn’t the place for it (porn),” writes a commentator. And if you have to, “watch it in the bathroom, not at your desk or your computer,” recommends another user. 

Coming to Work High

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Imagine a painter getting high on meth and then ‘getting lost in a closet while painting it!’ You get lost in a city or a home. But a closet? 

Used Company Tablet to Look for Hookups

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One retail store employee got fired for ‘using the company iPad to go on Craigslist and search for hookups.’ Mind you, this was the same device that other employees ordered lunches from. 

Cast Black Magic on the Owner

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One Reddit user fired a guy who wanted to bewitch the owner into giving him a raise. He lost his job along with the expected raise.

Scattered Pubic Hair

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A guy shaved off his pubes and left them scattered across a shared desk,” writes a user. Who does that?

Ran an Illegal Sportsbook

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An employer had to let go of an employee running an illegal sportsbook from his coffee shop in the early 2000s. 

Wanted to Take Home a Co-worker’s Baby

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Newborn babies smell nice and are cuddly and warm; we just want to hold them. But when it gets to a point where a guy wants to take their co-worker’s baby home ‘to inspire his wife to get one,’ this lays the basis for getting fired. 

Imprinted Face on a Tube of Ice Cream

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A Reddit user explains why she fired a supermarket employee, “He cracked the lid of an ice cream tub, imprinted his face in it and managed to get the lid back on tight enough for no one to notice.” 

Posting Photos Without Consent

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A co-worker got fired for posting 300+ photos of people with disabilities on her Facebook page without consent,’ says a commentator.

Sell Company Data to Competitors

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According to one post, a company fired a guy ‘after he copied their entire product, supplier, customer, and order history base onto an AWS server and tried to sell the data to competitors. He even registered the website in his name.’ The said guy is now in prison.

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