13 Things You Can Do to Be Happier

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Everyone searches for happiness all their lives. But most of the time, they look for happiness in the wrong places. Joy often comes from within, not necessarily from materialistic things. From protecting your peace to changing your view of others, here are 13 things that will make you a happier person.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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Take this quote home: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Forget what people are doing on social media or around you. Stop comparing yourself with them, as it breeds jealousy and dissatisfaction. 

If you must compare yourself to someone, use your previous version of self. 

Take Care of Your Health

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Taking care of your health is paramount because “you can have everything you want, but your health can make all that meaningless.” 

One post mentions, “If you have your health, you have everything.” 

Don’t Get Caught up in Small Things

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A user who received this secret as a child says, “Being dispassionate towards small daily annoyances is such a comforting type of person to be around.” In other words, you can have a great day when you stop focusing on the small, annoying things. 

Also, ask yourself, “Will I even care about this tomorrow?” If the answer is no, move on to more useful things. 

Always Have the Right Level of Challenge

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“Whatever you’re doing should be difficult but possible for you,” explains a post. Also, “the optimal level of challenge for learning is when you are successful 85% of the time and fail 15% of the time.”

Stop Trying to Impress People

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Stop spending your money and time “trying to impress people you don’t actually care about.” Instead, invest the time and money working on yourself. 

Learning to Say No

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Also, learn to say no and make boundaries. “It is so weird how a confident no is super-attractive to people, and they see it as self-confidence, and the same no when shakily delivered, makes people weird,” explains a poster.

Express Gratitude

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Being grateful is also a secret to leading a happy life. “Just ‘being’ is enough to be grateful in itself,” shares a poster. 

Also, “Practicing mindful gratitude for all that’s good about your life, no matter how small, will lead you to a place of calm contentedness,” reads a post. 

Be Kind to Other People

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You will be happy when you are kind to other people. But be cautious, as some people may take advantage of your kindness. 


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Part of your depression, low self-esteem, insomnia, and cardiovascular problems come from not exercising,” points out a user. “The secret to happiness is to be blessed with good health,” and exercising is one way to stay in check.

Be Content With What You Have

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A user advises, “Seek contentment, not happiness. Happiness is a momentary emotion, while contentment is a general state of being.”

Set Realistic Expectations

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Also, set realistic expectations that do not drive you into disappointment and feeling like a failure when they do not materialize. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals with realistic plans to be happy and successful. 

Stop Communicating With Negative People

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If you must talk to negative people (maybe at work or relative), maintain minimal communication with them. And if you don’t have to, break all ties with them. Negative people can corrupt your positivity.

See the Awesome in Everything

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Lastly, train your mind only to see the best in everything. One commentator says, “I always savor the simple things: smelling flowers, the sun on my skin, cereal and milk, great dad jokes, watching my kittens play… they make me happier.”

Also, if you are undergoing a stressful time, look for at least two things you are grateful for. 

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