13 Sure-Fire Signs That a Person Is Toxic

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Nobody is perfect. While normal people strive to be good, their bad side only comes out when stressed or provoked. Then again there are people who are just outright toxic. These are the ones who knowingly do things that they know would hurt or annoy people. If you know people who have these 13 detestable traits, avoid them.

Uses Intimate, Vulnerable Things About You Against You

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To love someone is to know everything about them that can hurt them viscerally if used against them, and to never, for any reason, use this knowledge against them,” advises a user. 

Lacks Accountability

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Horrible persons always blame others even if they are at fault. For them, they are faultless and perfect.  

Being Nice to People Who Are Only Useful to Them

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They also act nice (with compliments, giggles, and acknowledgments) when needing favors from certain people, then toss them to the side when they are no longer useful. 

Proud of Their Trashy Behavior

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You don’t need to watch out for the absolute worst people. They’ll brag about it,” reads a post. 

My brother brags about how ‘greasy’ he is. He just got into a relationship with someone he says is as ‘greasy’ as he, and is proud of his kids when they do something he considers ‘greasy,'” writes a different user. In case you are wondering, greasy stealing, ripping people off, and getting petting revenge. 

Enjoys Making Other People Look Bad

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Another sign that someone isn’t good is if they enjoy calling people out so they can look good. 

Backstabs Friends

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You must also watch out as these people will throw you under the bus in a split second. 

How They Treat Other People “Below” Them

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“There’s a guy in my team at work who treats agency staff like they’re stupid,” points out a user, “Such a two-faced, cowardly narcissist who has no idea how bad it makes him.”

You can also tell how terrible a person is from how they treat people in the service industry, like waiters, bartenders, receptionists, delivery people, and janitors.

Not Willing to Change or Grow

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Horrible people have no room for change and growth since they are already perfect and incapable of doing wrong. “They claim that people have to accept them for who they are,” explains a post. 

Doesn’t Respect Boundaries

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They will also ignore your boundaries and ‘won’t take NO for an answer.‘ A poster says, “They will repeatedly barge into your room, demand to know who you are phoning, etc.”

Willing to Hurt Others for Their Benefit

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“They literally don’t care about how they hurt someone,” says a post. “They will destroy you because you have something they want: your body, money, labor, uterus, attention, time, etc.,” adds another.

Gaslights or Manipulates 

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Another sign is “when they gaslight or manipulate you into questioning your reality, and then you react, and it seems as though you are the bad guy. These mind games aren’t funny.”

They slowly “pick at your self-confidence’ with their manipulation and slowly ‘take the will out of you to become or pursue anything. They convince you that you should never aspire to achieve anything.”

Always Talks About Themselves

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Also, conversations will always revolve around them and nothing about you. 

Lacks Empathy 

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These are the same people who will mistreat animals and “people who can’t defend themselves properly.

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