13 Things Better Done by Professionals

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Today, you can find DIY tutorials on pretty much anything that needs fixing around the house. But just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. When dealing with technical home issues, it’s safer, more efficient, and even less costly to hire professionals. So leave these 13 tricky jobs to the pros. After all, they have the specialized training and knowledge to get the job done.

Cleaning Your Septic Tank Out

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“Never try to DIY a septic tank,” says a poster. Instead, hire a professional company to do it. “It’s among the worst things I have ever smelled,” recalls a poster. 

Replacing the Spring on the Garage Door

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Paying a professional to replace a broken spring on the garage door is another wise decision. “That (the garage door) can be lethal if you don’t know what you are doing,” cautions a poster. 


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Hiring a professional moving company is definitely worth it, as it eases the load of packing, unpacking, connecting lamps, and more.

One user who has hired movers says, “Weeks’ worth of work was done in just a few hours, and what was typically a stressful moving day turned into a lazy day, where we could just roam around and actually enjoy the new house.” Moreover, “nobody wants to help you move, ever.”

Major Electrical Work

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Also, don’t take it upon yourself to handle major electrical work. An electrician says, “I have seen the result of people who thought they could do it themselves. It ended up costing them double.”

Another user says, “Electricity is invisible and can kill you. It’s always best to hire someone if you don’t know what you are doing.”


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“My husband did the plumbing repairs in our house. We had buckets under the sink for a few years,” writes a poster. Why go through this headache when you can have a skilled plumber fix it? 

Dog Nail Trimming

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Additionally, if your dog gets spooked when you try to trim their nails, request a professional groomer’s assistance. 

Cutting Down Trees

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Cutting trees down with a chainsaw seems an easy thing to do, but it is risky. A poster says, “Loggers suffer the highest rates of mortality and injury, making it the most dangerous profession in the US.”

An arborist adds, “If you’re cutting down anything bigger than a small tree, please get a pro. We make it look easy, but if you’re not trained, it really isn’t. I wouldn’t even allow our trainees to do big fells until they had a fair bit of experience.”


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Hiring a housecleaner “will reduce stress and friction if you live with other people. Even if there aren’t outright fights, often there is silent resentment from the person who does most of the cleaning.”


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If you don’t like pulling weeds, getting sunburned, having mosquitos drawing blood from you, or trimming an overgrown lawn, hire a professional. A commentator says, “I live in a place where the summer days can be over 110 degrees. Landscaping in weather like that is absolutely terrible.”


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Many DIYers do not consider roofing work difficult, but “the order of getting up there, safety doing the job, and then getting back down, that’s the hard job.”

One user discourages people from undertaking roofing jobs as he has “had three friends die within the last 10 years from roof falls.”

Drywall Work

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“Professionals make it look like sorcery. I make it look like two weeks of mud, sand, 6 pack, whiskey, Screwit, and paint,” complains a commentator. “It falls under the category of ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should,’” adds another. 

Cleaning Rain Gutters

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“No ladder is safe,” a user cautions people thinking of trying to clean their gutters. 


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“Painting your room sucks,” says a user, “Laying down sheets so it doesn’t drip on the floor, taping edges and moldings, and worse of all, painting the ceiling. My back hurts just remembering.”

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