13 Things That People Think Are Healthy but Aren’t

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From foods slapped with marketing jargon like “fat-free” or “organic” to products endorsed by influencers and celebrities, it’s easier to fall into things that are actually bad for your health. So, the next time you are grocery shopping or looking for ways to improve your physical well-being, you should avoid these 13 things.  

Activated Charcoal

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Activated charcoal offers effective treatment for poisons. “It helps keep swallowed drugs and poisons from being absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream.”

However, the continued absorption of activated charcoal “absorbs good nutrients and medications,” making it unhealthy. 


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“Fat-free usually means a ton of added sugars,” mentions a user. “It doesn’t mean miracle weight loss,” adds another. 


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Smoothies are marketed as healthy but “are packed with sugar.” A poster whose sister worked in a smoothie shop mentions, “They use sorbets, ice creams, and juices with an insane amount of sugar in them.”


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Did you know “your body naturally gets rid of toxins? You just need to drink water.” Moreover, one poster recommends, “If you want to clean anything, it’s your liver. Give it six weeks without alcohol and drugs, and it will thank you.”

Another commentator adds, “Or eat fiber, fruits, and vegetables. You don’t need them all either, just a few in a day.”

Granola Bars

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If you consider granola bars a healthier alternative to candy bars, think again. These high-energy snacks are meant for people working out, training, hiking, or needing extra calories and sugar. Sadly, many people snack on granola bars when trying to lose weight. 

Detox Programs

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“If someone uses the word ‘toxins’ or ‘detox’ in describing the health benefits of something, they’re talking nonsense,” reads a post. Many companies make money off selling detoxing juice while your liver and kidneys are naturally designed to do so.  

Vitamin Water

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Don’t let the “vitamin” part fool you. Vitamin water is “stacked with ridiculous sugar levels and no vitamins.”

“If you want to stay healthy and hydrated, just drink regular filtered water,” advises a poster. 


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The next unhealthy drink is Gatorade, marketed as a healthy alternative to soda. However, “It’s for athletes. It’s a sports drink designed to fuel performance and replenish valuable sodium lost through sweat and provide an energy source. Regular Joes aren’t meant to consume it,” points out a commentator. 


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Also, some people think gluten-free food is a dieting trick, while it is for people with gluten allergies. 

“People who jumped on gluten-free as a dieting fad early lost weight because there was no gluten-free junk food. These days, gluten-free is a big enough fad that you can get gluten-free junk food, which is great for Celiacs people, but renders the dieting aspect worthless,” details a post. 

Vaginal Washes

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Vaginal washes are unnecessary and unhealthy since vaginas are self-cleaning. Also, vaginas are not supposed to smell like strawberries, lavender, lilac, peach, rose, or magnolia. The minute you incorporate daily vaginal washes, you offset your vaginal pH, putting yourself at risk of infections.  

Keto Diet

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“If you are using keto as a diet, you can’t ignore your caloric intake. CICO (calories in, calories out) still applies. Eating 5,000 calories but staying under 20 carbs will still result in you gaining weight,” explains a poster on this unhealthy diet. 

Organic Food

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Organic foods market themselves as free of chemicals. However, not all chemicals are harmful. “Replacing helpful and safe chemicals with irritating ingredients, foods, and essential oils” can have severe negative effects. 


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“The non-GMO project label is on thousands of products and is used as a marketing ploy,” states a poster, “Less than 30 varieties of plants even have the potential to be GMOs as of now. GMO products have been heavily researched, and no difference between non-GMO products has been found.”

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