13 Things Poor People Wished Rich People Knew

One Man Worried About Bills Reading Energy Increase Costs

When the question ‘What are the things the poor people know that the rich don’t?’ was posted on Reddit several months ago, it generated over 5,000 comments, and among them are these 13 harsh truths. 

The Exact Price of Everything 

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Knowing the exact price of everything got the most upvotes, with over 8,000 Redditors agreeing. One Redditor says that the rich wouldn’t even notice if there is a price increase on an everyday item. 

Watching Your Friends Go on a Field Trip Without You

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Redditors also agree that rich people don’t know “the feeling of watching all your friends go on a field trip because your parents couldn’t afford it.” One Redditor said that while his class left, he was sent to sit and do homework in a 4th-grade class. 

How Expensive It Is to Be Poor

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Many rich people think being poor is cheaper, but that’s not exactly true. For instance, buying in bulk saves money, but poor people cannot afford it. One Redditor said, “Rent instead of buying is super expensive!” 

What to Do if You Ran Out of Money

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Sure, anyone can lose money, but one Redditor says that if you already went through it, you can “survive with as few as possible.”

Water and Sleep Stop Hunger

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The rich may not know this, but water (warm water, tap water, or slightly salty water) and sleep can reduce hunger. One Redditor who’s gone several days hungry says that going to sleep is the best solution. He further exclaimed there is a bonus; you don’t immediately feel hungry after you wake up. 

The Excitement of Finding a Dollar

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Finding a dollar on the ground or in your old coat is unmatched whether you get pennies, a $20, or a $100 note. One Redditor who came across a $20 even remembers that day’s weather. 

Reusing “Disposable” Items

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From toothbrushes to razors and trash bags, disposable items have a longer shelf-life for those in a tough financial place. One user explained what his great aunt would say about recycling, “Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without.

Make Food Last a Week

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Reading this statement may feel gross for some people, but making food last a week technique words for poor households. One user explains, “A 1.2 kg chicken does me for 5 days.” 

Choosing Between Medicine and Food

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It’s sad that one has to choose whether to get medication or eat. And for some commentators, eating “healthy food” won’t cause health problems. But in reality, there is no money to purchase the healthy food. 

Everybody Looks Down on You

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When you are poor, people around you look down on you. The result? You’ll doubt yourself for no good reason. Another commentator bought a ‘fancy’ wine bottle for a coworker who’d invited him to their house for Friendsgiving, but the wine he’d got was “their everyday wine.”

Choosing Which Bill to Pay First

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Do you pay electricity, phone bill, or the internet first? A user explains how their mom navigates the hierarchy of bills, “Skip one that won’t shut you off right away. Internet providers will usually disconnect you soon after a missed payment, but utilities are more likely to wait until a couple of missed payments.” 

No Safety Net

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The sad truth is many people live one paycheck to the next. Saving is out of the equation as nothing is left; presumably, not all bills get paid. One Redditor says, “I often tell people I never feel poorer than I do on payday.”

Being Homeless

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Homelessness means you have no one to lean on, including friends, siblings, and parents. Or your inner circle has nothing to offer. One Redditor says it taught him a valuable lesson – “to have others’ back even when they don’t want it.” 

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