13 Common Regrets That Dawn on People Too Late

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Whether good or bad, our decisions hone us. There are certain things we wish we had learned sooner to better handle our money, other people, and even ourselves. Here are 13 facts that most individuals learn much too late in life and regret.

Learning When to Say No

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Did you know “that NO is a complete sentence?” Most people do not understand this until it is too late.   

Managing Finances

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Here are great financial lessons we found on an online platform: “$1000 is not a lot to have, but it’s a lot to owe,” “It’s easier to blow $100 than it is to make $100,” “Have emergency money prepared,” and “If you can’t buy something twice, you can’t afford it.”

What Not to Share on the Internet

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Remember, the Internet never forgets. So, pause before you share any pictures or videos you might regret later. 

You Might Be Wrong Sometimes

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As difficult as it might be, you must accept that you will be wrong sometimes. A user says, “Being smart enough to know you made a blunder and not openly admitting it is the worst thing possible.”

Value of an Unconditional Friend

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“I don’t know where I’d be without my best friend,” is a statement we gathered from numerous users on a popular online forum. Unconditional friends “say bad things to your face and good things behind your back.”

How Dangerous Driving a Car Can Be

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“Remember, just because you have the priority doesn’t mean they (other drivers) will give it to you. Sometimes, letting go of your priority (right of way) is the way to avoid an accident,” advises a driver who has survived two car accidents. 

Do Everything Right and Still Lose

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Sadly, you might do everything right and still fail. Some people perceive this as a weakness, but it is life.

How to Communicate

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Communication is another overlooked aspect in the younger years. “Communication will make your relationships, career, and life or destroy them. Learn to express what you mean and listen to what other people communicate,” advises a poster. 

Social Media Can Consume Your Life

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“Social media is not all real, and not everyone posting pictures is having a great time,” says a commentator. “Addictively comparing your normal, daily, boring life to everyone’s exaggerated, highlighted reel can be extremely toxic for your state of mind,” adds another.

It’s Okay to Live Simple

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Another gem people don’t learn in their younger years is that leading a simple life “does not mean you are wasting your life.”

One user confesses, “It took me trying to be exciting and hanging out with ‘cool’ and ‘interesting’ people to learn this lesson. I’ll keep my boring, mediocre life because it makes me happier than chaos.”

Some Things Can Never Be Undone

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Also, you cannot undo some words you speak or actions you take. Remember, “everything comes with a consequence, no matter how small.”

Not Everyone Is Going to Like You

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Try as hard as possible, but some people will still find reasons to dislike you. So, instead of finding faults in yourself or faking it to please others, learn to live for yourself. 

Sitting All Day Is Not Good for You

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It turns out that lately, “sitting is the new smoking.” “Sitting for 6+ hours daily can give you a higher risk of depression and/or anxiety, bad back, weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes,” a commentator points out. 

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