13 Things People Genuinely Don’t Understand

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Nobody knows everything, but through education, we can add to our skills and knowledge. However, there are things that a lot of people still struggle to understand. In some cases, that’s because the subjects are so complex. In others, though, it’s more a case of simply not understanding why people do certain things or why things happen the way they do. Let’s look at 13 examples that come from both categories. 

Why We Keep Procrastinating

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Everyone knows that waiting until the last minute creates more stress and often results in avoidable mistakes. We always say that next time, we’ll get started earlier. Then we don’t. Why? 

How Dry Cleaning Works

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We take our clothes to the dry cleaners, and they disappear into the back of the store. Later, we get them back clean and pressed. How many know how the process works? Did you know that, despite the name, liquid chemicals are involved? 

Chemistry and Physics

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Everyone sits through these classes in high school and for all but a few, little sinks in. Concepts like gravity are easy to grasp, but all the formulas, symbols, and laws aren’t. It’s little wonder that so many people scrape by with help from the smart kids. 

The Spellings of Fridge/Refrigerator

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Why does one have the letter “D” while the other doesn’t, even though the pronunciations are the same? It reminds you of how we park on driveways and drive on parkways. 

How People With Bangs Covering Their Eyes Can See

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You see people with long bangs sweep hair away from their eyes all the time. This suggests those bangs impede vision. So what must it be like the rest of the time? And why keep them that way? 

Mistreating Pets

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It’s hard to understand people who claim to like animals and then neglect or abuse their pets. Why do people get pets if they don’t want to take good care of them? What good is a dog if it’s tied up in the yard all the time? 

The Stock Market

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People understand that share prices rise and fall. They also understand that major events can cause large drops and rises. However, most don’t know all the fine details that drive the whole market. That’s probably why so many turn their investment decisions over to professionals. 

Why People Can’t Merge Properly

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When two lanes merge, there’s often a backup that can extend well over a mile. Usually, merging works best if everyone stays in their lanes and takes turns as the lanes merge. Unfortunately, you have people who get over too early, which can make a backup in that lane. Even worse are those who won’t let anyone else in. 

The Concept of Space Being Infinite

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It can be boggling to contemplate the vast distances in space. Even more daunting is the idea that the universe just goes on and on. How is that possible? And if it does end, what’s there? What’s beyond? 

Why Unhappy People Keep Having Kids

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People in unhappy relationships sometimes have kids as a way to stay together. Other times, unhappy people have kids to have something to call their own. Often, these decisions don’t turn out well for both parents and kids. 

How Electricity Works

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You can probably remember using batteries, wires, and bulbs to create circuits in science class. Be honest, though– do you really understand what’s actually going on to make it all work? 

Mean People Complaining About Not Being Liked

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This one is always a head-scratcher. Is it really a surprise that someone who treats others poorly isn’t well-liked? Maybe this indicates that those people are clueless about the effects they have on others. 

Chronic Tardiness

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Everyone is late from time to time. What’s with the people who are constantly late for work, school, etc.? Is it that hard to make a simple adjustment to a schedule or to get up 15 minutes earlier? 

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