12 Things People Are Starting to Outgrow

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What things did you enjoy doing as a teenager or a younger adult but can’t stand anymore? Is it going out, loud concerts, binge drinking, or staying late? Well, it’s natural to outgrow these activities as the years go by, and you don’t need to feel guilty about it. 

Arguing With Other People

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Many people have dropped arguing with other people to protect their peace. “Some people just wanna be heard or rant. You don’t have to care or agree,” advises a poster who quit arguing. 


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“Unfortunately, there are always people who never matured emotionally and act like permanent high school students,” with their endless drama. 

Going to the Bar on Weekends

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A commentator says, “I used to go to the bar on the weekends, play darts, listen to the band, etc. It was fun. Now, it’s just crowded annoying people, loud music, and overpriced beer with a cover charge.

Concerts Without Assigned Seating

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It’s about time concert organizers made assigned seating a thing. “I’m not showing up hours early to get a good spot and then be stuck there the entire time without being able to sit or use the bathroom, or else I lose my view,” complains a commentator. 


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People are also getting too old for hangovers and feel it’s “not worth it.” One poster who’s been to rehab says, “A morning without a hangover is such an incredible feeling.”

Eating Food That’s Not Delicious

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Healthy or not, people no longer want to eat bland food. A mid-30s user writes about upping her chocolate game, “I’m sick of Cadbury’s chocolate by now, so I get Whittaker’s. It’s a bit more expensive, but if I’m putting all that sugar and fat into my body, then I better have a amazing experience each time I do it.” 

Coming-Of-Age Movies

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Other users are also tired of “teenage protagonists” in anime and superhero movies, regardless of their great storylines. 

Caring for Other People

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It’s okay to care for others and offer advice. However, when it gets to a point where they ignore you, it’s time you let them “learn the hard way.”

A commentator says, “Some people really need to bang their heads against a brick wall a few times before they learn anything. Get out of their way and let them have at it.”

Lack of Sleep

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“All-nighters were once manageable. Now, I pull an all-nighter, and I am useless,” confesses a poster.

Lack of sleep is not a problem for teenagers and younger adults, but as the years go by, older people become “smart enough to realize that it (lack of sleep) is not worth it anymore.” 

Social Media

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Some people also feel social media is no longer worth it as it encourages internet bickering, while others use it for “spreading propaganda and misinformation.


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Also, people are getting too old to listen or make excuses. “Grow up and own your shortcomings,” advises a poster. 

Mainstream Music

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An old commentator shares, “I don’t like auto-tune. I don’t like people speaking lyrics. I’m tired of how the music went from what seemed like 5 or 6 genres, all feeding each other country, rap, or annoying pop.” 

Sadly, some people no longer listen to radio stations and prefer listening to instrumentals rather than lyrics. 

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