13 Things Only the Middle-Class Experience

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The middle class hangs in an awkward situation where they can afford to take a vacation but are not wealthy enough to pay in cash for a house. Sounds familiar? Well, this is just one of the many struggles the middle-class experiences. 

Budgeting for Holidays

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“The rich don’t need to, and the poor can’t afford holidays,” explains a user. The middle class must consider plane tickets, accommodation, food, sightseeing costs, etc.

Apart from budgeting the money, they also need to budget the time. “My in-laws are wealthy and always want the whole family to go on random trips,” writes a poster, “They seem shocked every time we can’t just drop everything and go.”

Two-Car Garage Filled With Random Things

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This is where they keep all the hoarded items, so there’s only room for one car. If there aren’t random things, there’s “one car that doesn’t run and a bunch of your dad’s tools stacked up around it.” 

Stressing About Home Ownership and Mortgages

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The middle class also stresses homeownership because this is out of reach for the poor, and the rich can afford multiple homes. Additionally, they are “house poor” because they may “have enough money and credit to buy a home but don’t have enough money to keep up with expensive repairs.” 

Rich Enough to Not Get Financial Aid

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Sadly, they also don’t qualify for financial aid for housing, food, tuition and fees, or transportation. “They’re too poor to afford university and textbooks but making ‘too much’ for income-based scholarships,” details a user. 

Paying Proportionally the Most Taxes

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The middle class also suffers this while “receiving the least benefits and subsidies.”

Mowing the Yard

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Those who can afford a home in a decent neighborhood are responsible for mowing their yard, whereas the rich can afford lawn services. Unfortunately, the high housing prices are making it challenging to own a home.   

Owning a Lot of Tools

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“Poor people can’t afford many tools and thus can’t repair many household features. (On the other hand,) rich people can just buy an item, or it’s cheaper for them to hire for repairs,” states a user. 

One Extra Bedroom That Serves Multiple Purposes

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Wealthy people can have extra rooms for whatever they see fit. However, the middle class has that one spare bedroom that will serve as a “guest room, office, home gym, craft room, or playroom,” as needs demand. 

Massive College Debt

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Furthermore, it’s the middle-class families who accrue huge college debts because the poor get financial assistance while the rich can afford to pay for it.  

Saving for Retirement

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The rich don’t need to save for retirement because they’re wealthy. Meanwhile, the poor struggle to get a day’s meal, meaning the future isn’t part of their worries. That leaves the middle class making plans for retirement savings. 

Dining at Chain Sit Down Restaurants

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“Poor can’t afford it, and it’s not fancy enough for the rich,” writes a poster with another saying, “Poor people get groceries for a week with that money; rich people look down on it.”

DIY Home Remodeling

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“I did a lot of painting when I was a kid,” recalls a user, and this is because middle-class families find hiring someone too expensive. So, to save money, they opt to have their remodeling project last longer.  

Having Everything You Need but Nothing You Want

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The middle class will also have a “mountain of stuff that isn’t quite garbage but don’t want or need it anymore, but not wealthy enough to just throw it out.” For emphasis, check where most garage sales occur; it’s usually in middle-income households. 

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