Men Do These 13 Things That They Would Never Admit

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People in general don’t like to admit things, especially if it’s embarrassing. Men are known to be extra stubborn when it comes to touchy subjects. From simple habits like sniffing their armpits to any topics about women, here are 13 things all men do but will never admit in a million years. 

Nose Picking

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Nose-picking is a totally normal thing to do – women do it, too! But some men find it hard to admit it. A user who does this says, “Somebody once told me: there are two kinds of people in this world, those who pick their nose and those who lie about it.” Some even admire their “mined treasures.”

Imagines Their Entire Life With a Girl They Just Met

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Men won’t say it, but they imagine their future with a stranger girl, possibly that cashier, bartender, or a random girl online. “3 seconds of meeting, a lifetime of daydreaming,” says a poster. 

Interestingly, many ladies also do this.  

Morning Pee Sometimes Goes Sideways

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Some men experience sideways streams, while others have what they call split streaming. Strangely enough, others find pleasure in trying to “clean the toilet bowl with their pee stream.”

Smell Their Butts After Scratching Their Behind

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Yes, it’s gross, but it’s a curiosity and habit for many men. 

Daydream About Scenarios That Will Never Happen

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Men’s brains get them playing impossible scenarios “where they’re the main hero that swoops in to save the day.” Some common scenarios are landing a commercial airplane during an emergency, being in a shootout, or rescuing people trapped in a burning building.

One guy says, “I have a scenario that will only play out if a future version of me comes back in time to talk to me.” Of course, it will never happen, but it’s his fantasy. 

Sneaking a Peek at Some Cleavage

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A post says, “Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You don’t stare at it; it’s too risky. You get a sense of it, then you look away.” Another mentions, “We don’t even have to be attracted to the women, but we are still going to look.”

Sniff Their Armpits

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This is another secret thing with men. Some do it because they like the smell, while others check whether they need to jump in the shower. “When I get nervous, I stick my hands under my arms and then sniff my armpit smell off my fingers. It calms me back down,” confesses a user.

Prefers to Be the Little Spoon

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“No hair in your face, no dead arm, being the little spoon is way better,” admits a man. Others also mention that they find it weirdly comforting, though they don’t say it out loud because women expect them to be the big spoon.

Being Friendlier to Attractive Women

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One guy confesses, “I swear it’s completely subconscious. I try to talk normally, but always find myself talking in a slightly higher pitch and trying to accommodate their every need.” 

But another argues that it’s not solely a man’s character, “All people treat attractive people better. It is scientifically proven.”

Check Out Women They Find Attractive in Public When They’re With Their Partner

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Yes, they are also guilty of this, with some justifying it’s not their fault if the women are in their direct line of sight.  

Having Feelings for Almost Every Female Friend

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This mainly affects single guys. The attraction is there, not necessarily romantic, but they run scenarios of how the relationship would turn out. 


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“All men cry at some point because they do have feelings,” but getting them to admit is tricky. 

Imagine Fighting Another Guy

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Can you guess who wins the imaginary fight? Of course, the daydreaming guy using martial arts, a superpower, or a newly launched weapon they just happened to have. 

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