13 Stories of Kindness to Brighten Up Your Day

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Kindness is getting rare with each passing day. But it’s good to know that some people are still kind-hearted, as these 13 stories reveal. 

Transportation Money and Food

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Despite being poor, a user shares how their mom saved enough money to take them and their sister to the zoo and museum. However, their mom realized she’d overspent and couldn’t afford bus tickets. 

Walking the 6 miles home wasn’t an option because it had started snowing. So, the mom walked into a Chinese restaurant and requested to use the phone to ask a friend for a ride. But the owner was kind enough to offer her transportation money and enough food to feed six people.

Chipped in Sandwich Fillings

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Another user remembers when his parents only packed two slices of bread and forgot the filling because they were focused on caring for a newborn. Fortunately, his tablemates chipped in various components and made him the most amazing ham and cheese sandwich ever.

Fresh Baked Cookies

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A wife shares how she and her husband felt overwhelmed as they waited for the doctor’s results on whether her tumor was cancerous. Her neighbor noticed this and brought them freshly baked cookies. 

“He didn’t say anything; he just smiled, handed them to us, and then went back home,” she says. It was the right, heartfelt gesture she needed at that moment.  

Care Package

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A sister received a care package worth $100 from a group of ladies on a girl’s trip who insisted she needed it since she was grieving her dead brother. 

Squeaky Clean Car

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“Years ago, my car got egged really badly overnight while parked on the driveway of our duplex. We had to go somewhere the next morning, so we took my wife’s car. I came back hours later, and my car was shining like new. A neighbor washed it for me while we were away,” says a poster. 

A Jug of Milk

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A mom writes how her jug of milk toppled and exploded while leaving the store but couldn’t get herself another one because her child was sick. However, a kind lady went into the store and brought her a new one just as she was buckling her daughter into the car seat.

Plastic Bag

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“My paper bags ripped with all my groceries in front of Target, and two very kind people consolidated their plastic bags so I could use the extra bag they had for my groceries that were now on the floor,” says a user. 

A Nylon Shirt

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A homeless guy shares how another guy gave him a nylon t-shirt one cold, chilly night. “It wasn’t much, but he knew I was hurting from the cold. He saved me,” he writes.

Pulled Over for Expired Registration

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A mom also recalls how a police officer was kind to her, although he didn’t need to. She was struggling to work part-time and care for her three sons, one who was too sick in hospital and on a ventilator, and another who had had a brain tumor removed the year before. She could only afford to pay rent, buy gas and cheap groceries, not renew her driver’s license or car registration. 

So when this police officer pulled her over and discovered she had an expired driver’s license and no insurance, he didn’t give her citations. Instead, he followed her to the hospital and let her go. 

A Nose Ring

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Another guy with a nose ring shares how his server was polite in 2010. She commented that he was beautiful, a sentiment he remembers to date.   

Ran Out of Gas

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Meanwhile, a guy recalls running out of gas when he had his young sisters with him, and a random lady offered to fuel his car. 

Buenos Aires

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A couple also remembers how, when on vacation in South America, strangers on a bus insisted they were getting off at the wrong place, which prevented them from getting stranded. The couple couldn’t speak Spanish, and their fellow passengers weren’t fluent in English, but their persistence paid off in convincing the couple to get back on board until they got to Buenos Aires. 

A Second Chance

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Lastly, a law student remembers how a kind professor didn’t fail him despite missing classes for two weeks. When he explained he was having personal issues, his professor listened and offered to help him at any time. 

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