13 Popular Slangs From Way Back

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Popular phrases evolve with time. While some live through changes in pop culture, others fade out and only come up when people reminisce. Here are 13 previously popular slangs that nobody says anymore. Do you remember using any of these phrases when they were all the rage?


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This slang was used in cases where “you lie to someone and immediately let them know.” There is an ongoing debate about whether it should be written “psyche” or “sike,” but regardless, both have the same pronunciation and meaning. 

“That’s Really Cool… Not”

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This worked well when you timed the “not” part. The not implies that you don’t mean what you said; in this case, that’s not really cool. 


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This slang word was cool between the 70s and 90s to mean something good, exciting, awesome, or appealing. Now, only a few people use it occasionally. 

A high school teacher writes, “I use rad all the time. I try to get some students to start using it every year.”


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Everyone was also saying “totally” years ago. Now, people don’t use it. 


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This word was highly used in the 90s and meant very good, excellent, fabulous, cool, or attractive. There were variations to its pronunciation, with some pronouncing it as “puh-fuh-hat” and others p-hat. “If you were a really cool girl, you had a pair of track pants or booty shorts with ‘PHAT’ written across your backside,” recalls a user. 


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Talk of a slang word with multiple meanings, and “tight” fits the role. It was once used to mean intoxicated, then something cool, before changing to mean a messed up situation, and now great friendship. Additionally, some people use it when angry or irritated. 

“In Manchester, tight means stingy,” shares a poster. 

“Talk to the Hand”

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This was the preferred way to dismiss someone, and you could add, “Because the face doesn’t want to hear it,” or “because the ears are no longer working.”


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Some online users credit Bruce Campbell for this slang word in the movie Evil Dead 2. Groovy means excellent, cool, marvelous, or highly stimulating. “I use it during tech support calls: ‘Your device is already up to date? Groovy!’” shares a poster. 

Another says, “It’s a great word to use when asked how you’re doing. It always tends to get a big smile back in return.”

“That’s Dope”

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Dope fits in the same category as rad, phat, and groovy to mean something cool and awesome. However, some people associate dope with illegal substances. 

“Cool Beans”

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Kids from the 70s used this phrase, which dragged on to the 90s. It roughly translates to okay, wonderful, sounds good, or approval.  

“Da Bomb”

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Another old phrase that has dwindled is “da bomb.” The 1960-1990s kids used it to refer to the best thing or major success. 

“Take A Chill Pill”

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It is short for relax, but people rarely say this. “It became ‘offensive’ because now chill pills are actually real (antipsychotics and anti-depressants),” points out a commentator.

Another coined term was “Chillax,” which was for chill and relax.  

“Epic Fail”

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Also outdated is “epic fail,” despite its popularity in the mid-2000s. “Cringe is the new fail,” mentions a user, with others stating that people nowadays only say “epic.”

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