13 Things People Regret Saying During a Breakup

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Breakups are always tough especially if relationships end on a bad note. People often say things that they don’t mean out of anger or spite, only to regret it later on. Here are 13 hurtful things people commonly say during a bad breakup. Have you used any of these lines?

“No, It’s Just You”

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A guy was asked by his partner whether he was leaving her for someone else and said, “No. It’s just you.” Meanwhile, a different user blurted, “I just don’t want to marry you,” when the girlfriend asked when he planned to propose.  

“Oh, I’ve Actually Been Really Happy Since We’ve Been Apart”

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A lady who said this explains she wasn’t trying to be savage to her ex, “It was the truth, and I just hadn’t realized it up until the thought of taking him back filled me with dread.”

“You Know You Are Right, and I Agree”

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It’s terrible agreeing to a breakup only to “want to double down on the relationship.” It gives off a desperation vibe.

“Do a Backflip”

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A user confesses to saying this to his girlfriend as she regularly threatened suicide by throwing herself off the apartment if he left her. “She was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive.”

“You Are a 30-Year-Old Loser”

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The lady who said this admits, “I was very hurt because he was with someone else one month after our 3+ year’s relationship. I just wanted to damage his ego because mine was damaged.” 

“You’re Just Not That Pretty”

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“The relationship was toxic, and she was a gold digger. She said she needed about $10K a month to be able to continue dating me,” writes the guy who said this statement. 

“Sex Is Part of the Reason I Am Ending Things”

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Many female users resonate with this statement and are infuriated when guys ask for sex “one more time” during a breakup. However, one guy explains, “For a lot of men, being horny is the only way they know how to express any emotional need.” Talk about wrong timing!

“No One Else Will Ever Love Me”

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One guy admits feeling “totally shattered‘ when his one-year wife ended things. But he realizes that his wife’s decision was the best because they were  very young, friends but not life partners.”

“Let’s Just Never Talk Again Is Probably Best”

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One post says, “This is hurtful but mostly truthful.” “It’s better than faking it, honestly,” reads another

“That’s Right, Cry for Me”

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A guy explains he said this while tossing his girlfriend’s things out of his apartment for cheating on him. 

“You Had Your Twenties, I Haven’t Had Mine”

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An online user who dated a guy 14 years older than her explains why she said this, “He was an absolute blob of a person, and being with him was holding me back. He wouldn’t do anything for or with me unless it was in his interest.”

“I Just Don’t Enjoy the Time We Spend Together”

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When an online user said these words, he felt, “It was true, and she was pretty selfish and entitled.” But he also felt bad for being brutally honest. 

“Maybe if You Were Someone Worth Being Around, People Around You Wouldn’t Be Itching to Leave You”

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Online users point out that this statement is too cruel. However, the commentator explains, “I was in a really toxic relationship with someone who tried making me feel responsible for their happiness and wouldn’t let me go a day without trying to be by my side. He had some pretty strong abandonment issues.”

And she doesn’t regret her words because the guy was “clingy, annoying, controlling, and a narcissist” who sent her ‘into three separate episodes of paranoid psychosis.”

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