13 Psychological Mind Tricks That Actually Work

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Human psychology is quite complex. However, you can manipulate and use the mind to your advantage, whether marketing, parenting, or socializing. Try these 13 easy-to-implement tricks to believe they work! 

“I’m Not Sure. What Do You Think?”

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Parents swear this statement works like a charm on toddlers who continually ask, “Why?” It evokes toddlers to “answer their question, and you provide some feedback, such as ‘sounds good to me.'”

Compliment People Behind Their Back

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Complimenting people when they aren’t around helps you avoid drama. Plus, you can make them trust you. “By casually inserting positive comments, it makes everyone realize how much you notice the lovely little things everyone does,” mentions a user.  

“I Need Your Help”

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Managers or department heads and parents with kids admit getting employees or kids to do something can be challenging. However, saying you need their help makes them cooperative because “People want to feel needed.”

Get More Information by Listening

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Rather than be pushy or offer advice, actively listening to someone will have them talk more.  

In an Argument, Find Something to Agree On

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This makes “the other person far more receptive to what you’re trying to say” because you don’t come off as pushy. Even better, sandwich your argument between two things you agree on. 

Remember Something by Doing Something Noticeably Unusual

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Interestingly, your brain pairs the two odd activities so you can recall the memory later. For instance, you can toss your pillow across the room at night so you remember to take out the trash. And when morning comes, the cushion will instantly trigger your memory about taking out the garbage. 

Deescalate Someone by Asking for Personal Information

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A user in the emergency services shares, “If someone is totally distraught and shut down, asking their phone number, address, SSN, or birthdate can pull them out of the emotional place and bring them back to a headspace where they can talk about what happened more easily.”

When Somebody Shy Is Speaking, Nod Your Head

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This shows you are interested in what they are saying and gives them confidence to continue their presentation. 

Don’t Insult People, Tell Them How You Wish They Behave

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For example, when someone is obviously rude, just say you like when they are nice to you. They can’t call you out on it, possibly making them realize their behavior,” recommends a poster. Additionally, you don’t want them to get defensive by insulting them. 

“You’re Correct.”

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Flattery will also get you the attention and respect of others. It’s similar to saying, “That’s completely understandable,” when someone is upset because you validate their emotions. 

Thank Someone for a Trait You Want From Them

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Positive reinforcement works wonders, too. Here’s an example, “Instead of telling a customer you’re sorry for their wait, tell them, ‘Thank you for your patience and understanding.'”

Don’t Say “It’s Okay” When Someone Apologizes

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Why shouldn’t you agree and say okay? Well, because what they are apologizing for wasn’t okay initially. Instead, you could say, “Thank you for apologizing,” or “I appreciate that.” You can also add that you’ve forgiven them if you’ve got no bad blood. 

Whenever Somebody Is Holding the Truth From You, Look At Them and Stay Silent

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This tactic makes the other person fill the awkward silence, which unknowingly pushes them to spill more details. 

One user says, “I think what makes this work is that you are silently projecting your doubt, but without giving any words that would normally allow someone to correct or deflect. With no way to deflect, they are forced to reconcile multiple parts of the story, which almost inevitably requires some honest information.

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