13 Popular Self-Care Tips That May Harm Your Well-Being.

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Many self-care tips are well-intentioned and helpful. There are some, however, that are very toxic and may hurt rather than help. Here are some popular ones.


If They Can’t Handle My Worst, They Don’t Deserve My Best

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“Those people are always at their worst,” explains a poster. “I consider anyone who ever says this to be radioactive,” adds another. 

Be Who You Are

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This is a great self-love tip if you are a good person. Sadly, “a lot of people take this to mean that literally anything and everything about yourself is above criticism and it’s super toxic,” shares a user. 

A similar phrase is “Just be yourself,” which does not encourage people to work on becoming a better version of themselves. 

If People Don’t Like You for Who You Are, That’s Their Problem

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In most cases, you are the problem, but hide your toxicity with the self-care routine. One user says, “My dad’s version of this was, ‘If everywhere you go smells like dog doo, it’s probably your shoe.'”

You Need to Stay Positive

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It is okay to have a mantra that reminds you to stay positive, but it is also realistic to acknowledge there are times you will feel sad or depressed, and there is no shame in having these feelings. 

Live Your Truth

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A commentator says, “There is a fine line between authenticity and being an mean person.” Plus, “There isn’t your truth, just the truth,” says another. 

Stop Texting People First to See Who Your Friends Are

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One poster asks, “What if they’re doing the same thing, and you just ended a relationship due to a misunderstanding?” Moreover, “any form of testing your relationship like that is basically heading towards abuse territory,” explains another. 

Ignore the Haters

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“Sometimes the haters are people who love you and want to warn you of potential pitfalls (such as MLMs, cults, abusive relationships, etc.).” 

Do Whatever Feels Right

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One poster explains why this tip can be toxic, “Sometimes what feels right is cutting your veins open, but that’s not gonna heal you.” Besides, “the best decisions are made with good information and a good heart.

Follow Your Heart

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“This statement rarely works,” details a poster. “Sometimes love can be toxic, and maybe the correct decision is painful. Maybe it pains you to leave someone. Your heart shouldn’t rule you.”

And if someone says ‘listen to your heart,’ well, “All your heart ever says is ‘Beat. Beat. Beat.’,” explains a commentator. 

Guilt Is a Wasted Emotion

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“Having some guilt is a good sign you are not a psychopath,” details a user. Additionally, feeling guilty can help you change bad behavior. 

Show Them What They’re Missing

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What if they don’t see anything despite the effort and spite? “Just do better for yourself,” recommends a poster who discourages this toxic tip. 

Find a Job You Love, and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life

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“This advice leaves you feeling like a failure whenever you have a bad day at work,” shares a commentator. Plus, “even a job you love is going to suck, and that’s why they pay you to do it.”

There’s No Wrong Way to Parent 

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There is a wrong, traumatic, and toxic way of raising children. 

A user who was once a child of abuse writes, “Majority of mental illnesses are the result of bad parenting practices. Every parent should consult a child psych professional just like they consult a pediatrician about a child’s wellbeing.”  

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