13 Things People Say That Are Instant Red Flags

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There’s nothing wrong with being confident and secure about yourself. Saying things to boost your spirit when you’re down is fine too. But these traits are not interchangeable with being rude and egomaniacal. Here are 12 phrases that you commonly hear from toxic people.

Do You Know Who I Am?

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One commentator writes about people who ask this question, “They are either self-important or amnesiac. One is worse than the other, but both have their problems.”

I’m Brutally Honest, That’s Just Who I Am

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People who are ‘brutally honest’ tend to enjoy the brutality just as much, if not more, than the honesty,” writes a poster. Alternative phrases for such people are ‘I guess I’m telling it as it is,’ ‘I’m just stating what we’re all thinking,’ and ‘I guess I just don’t have a filter.’

I’m an Alpha

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One post reads, “Anyone who thinks being an alpha is desirable or even a thing is just an incelThe wolf theories were wrong. Humans do not behave that way. It is all just overly aggressive pricks trying to justify their tantrums and reliance on abusive behavior to navigate life.”

I Have No Filter

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Having no filter should be about being genuine and respectful when talking about sensitive and uncomfortable topics. However, most people who use this line are outright rude and feel entitled. 

If You Can’t Handle Me at My Worst, Then You Sure as Hell Don’t Deserve Me at My Best

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A commentator explains that this line is similar to saying, “My needs, regardless of context or situation of those around me, will always be a top priority for me, and I demand that they also be for you.”

All My Exes Are Crazy

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Anyone who says all their exes are crazy does not take responsibility for their failure in those relationships. 

We Are Like a Family Here

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When bosses use this line, they mean, “I like to underpay my employees and meddle in their personal lives.” Also, “I expect them to go beyond normal expectations while I ignore every request from them,” points out another user. 

Trust Me. I Am Not Like the Others

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“Trustworthiness is demonstrated, not described,” explains a commentator. So, when someone says you should trust that they are not like the others, have them prove it. 

Plus, “There is no need to say trust me, ever. If it needs to be said, it’s too early or too late for there to be that trust,” adds another user. 

I Never Fart

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I never fart, or my farts don’t smell, are instant red flags for some online users. 

I’m Not Racist, But

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Why use the word racist and then add the ‘but’? If we are being honest, you are a racist trying to take the weight off your racist attitude. Here is one example of such a statement, “I’m not racist, but I don’t think people of different races should have kids together.”

I’m an Empath

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“I hate people who claim this. Every time I’ve come across one, they’ve taken other people’s trauma and made it about them,” writes a commentator. Besides, empaths don’t go advertising themselves.

I’m a Disruptor

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One poster writes, “So far, I have picked that being a disruptor or disrupting an industry is just not wanting to follow laws or regulations.” Another post explains that disruptors are people saying, “I add no value, but I will take all the credit.”

I’m Always Right

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It is also a huge red flag when someone says they are always right. We all make mistakes, and owning them should be an integral part of life.

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