13 Most Common Pet Peeves That Drive People Nuts

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There are certain things that just get on your nerves. It could be smallest thing, like a computer pop up that takes one click to get rid off but irrationally gets you riled up. Other times, it’s the obnoxious things that people do in public that shows they are inconsiderate. Either way, here are the 13 things that annoy the heck out of most people.

Tutorial Videos

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Tutorial videos are helpful, but sometimes a simple FAQ is enough. One Reddit user is annoyed that video games now use long videos to explain how to solve a solution while they could write it on a Games FAQ text.

To make things worse, the first two minutes in the video are often greetings and a lame introduction, plus several adverts and messages about the sponsor. 

Clickbait Content

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An annoyed commentator gives an example of the clickbait titles on the internet, “I’ve got 12 solutions to the clickbait problem. #6 will shock you.” Or “Companies hate this secret,” adds another. 

Loudspeaker Conversations

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We understand you need to talk to someone on the phone, but do we really have to listen? 

A commentator who dislikes these conversations recommends, “The best way to handle this is to join in their conversation. If they look at you funny, let them know you thought their conversation was for everyone.”

Watching Videos Loudly in Public

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I hate parents who let their kids play games or watch shows at full blast,” writes a commentator. And this habit is not just a parent’s thing. Everybody is annoyed at playing loud TikTok videos in public.

People Standing in the Way

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You have to empty a glass before filling it, right? Why can’t people apply this principle?” wonders a user. He does not understand why people are impatient at waiting for others to descend a bus, train, or elevator first before getting on. Some will even force their way into a bathroom stall!

Also, standing in the way of shops, grocery store gates, airports, or entertainment spots is unacceptable. 

Obnoxiously Bright Headlights

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Driving at night is becoming impossible with the obnoxiously bright headlights installed in trucks and SUVs. One commentator writes, “It’s so bad I can barely see in front of me because of the glare.”

Trash Less Than 2 Feet From the Bin

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It is also infuriating when people are too lazy to throw their trash in the bin but are next to it. 

Cookie Consent Pop Up

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“I get irrationally angry when I go to a site and get the cookie notification, then a Sign Up for our newsletter, then give us your email, then a new product notification, etc.,” complains a Reddit user. 

Fake Close Button on Ads

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Lately, ads have fake close buttons. You have to press X at least three times to close the ad, which is annoying and a waste of time.

Not Using the Turn Signals

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Turning a signal is effortless. Unfortunately, some people are too lazy or ignorant to do so. Others turn their signals on but do not turn, causing confusion on the road. 

Drivers That Cuts You Off

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It is annoying when another driver cuts you off, and worse when you get blamed for an accident. One driver says, “I gave up on getting upset about everything with bad drivers and traffic.

Wet Socks

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I’d rather the rest of my outfit be drenched than get a single drop on my socks,” writes a user who hates wet socks. 

Acts Like a High School Bully

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A Reddit user shares how his co-worker acts like a high school bully, “He intentionally pushes his chest into yours when talking, shifts his head to the side, and tells you whatever mistake you just made. Really hostile and aggressive.”

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