13 Overpriced Brands That Are Not Worth Your Money

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People support mainstream brands mainly for 2 reasons. Either the products are of excellent quality or they’re buying to avoid missing out on the hype. Unfortunately, in the case of these 13 ridiculously priced brands, people support them for the latter. The shops have excellent marketing strategies, making them popular. But in in reality, they are not worth their price. Users of a popular online forum share their thoughts and experience with these overrated labels.

Old Navy

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The list starts with Old Navy. “Their prices used to reflect the mediocre but good enough quality. Now they got big in the head and inflated their prices way beyond their worth,” complains a buyer.

“I literally don’t even go to their website until I am notified that everything is 50% off,” swears a user. 

Yankee Candle

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Yankee candles smell great, burn well, and last longer than most generic brands. But they are too expensive. “I can find better candles from local hobbyists for cheaper,” complains a buyer.


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Skullcandy is another overpriced brand with not-so-great products. “Every SkullCandy item I have ever bought has broken within months; usually the left headphone stops working entirely,” says a poster, with another backing this comment, “Oddly enough, my brand new SkullCandy’s came with a dead left headphone.” 


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“Zara clothing is ridiculously expensive, and their quality is just average,” states a post. 

Numerous users mention that their jeans ripped while still new, but one user explains that “the ‘fast’ in fast fashion refers to the speed where the said piece of clothing breaks apart due to its poor construction.”


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Raycon also command a premium price tag, with one user saying, “They’re not terrible but definitely not worth the price for their sound quality/build quality.” 

Dr. Martens

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“They used to be super tough,” says a post. Another says, “The leather still split after less than a year even though I’d been taking care of them very well.”

Monster Cables

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“Not only are Monster Cables terribly overpriced, they are utter garbage,” says a cable TV/ internet service guy.

“Monster Cable is a patent troll. They’ll send frivolous infringement lawsuits to smaller companies to scare them into ‘royalties’ or put them out of business outright,” explains a different user. 


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Some online users do not understand why people spend thousands of dollars buying Balenciaga products. “Every time I see their ads, I am convinced it’s an elaborate prank,” says a user. 

La Mer

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La Mer skin care products are also too expensive. One user shares, “I was a guest at a very expensive resort once. In the ‘locker room’ were all the complementary products like La Mer. I showered there several times a day. The stuff was superior, but I would never purchase it.” 


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“The entire point of Supreme is to show off how rich you are, and the company knows that,” points out a user after numerous people complained about the streetwear’s uncomfortable and poor-quality clothes. 


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Alienware excels at delivering gaming laptops with heavy graphics and specifications. However, “you’re paying a premium price” for it. 


Starbucks coffee
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A Starbucks employee agrees that some drinks fetch exorbitant prices, “I’ve seen people purchase individual drinks that cost more than my hourly wage, of course, those are always insane frappuccinos with crazy syrups and espresso shots.”


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Gucci is another high-end brand selling expensive products because, according to one post, “they do not outsource, and many of their pieces are made by artisans who’ve been trained throughout the generations.” 

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