13 Oddest Things People Thought Were Normal but Turned Out to Be a Medical Issue

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You’ll be amazed how these 13 people thought things were normal, only for their peers or doctors to point out something was amiss. Fortunately, they’ve all found ways to manage or treat their medical issues. 

Blurry Vision

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Only after people with poor eyesight get glasses do they realize blurry vision isn’t normal. “I was shocked when I wore glasses for the first time and could see individual leaves on the trees from far away,” writes a poster. Another recalls crying when they could finally see stars on a clear night sky. 

Prickly Sensation After Eating a Certain Food

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Some people also think it’s normal to experience a prickly sensation after trying a new food, only to learn that it’s a sign of an allergic reaction. “I just realized a couple of years ago that not everyone flushes, sweats profusely, and gets a runny nose when they eat foods that contain vinegar,” says a user. 

Another says, “I found out with bananas. I thought they made everyone’s mouth burn for a while after eating them.”

Assumed People Don’t Listen With Both Ears

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Individuals with hard of hearing think it’s normal to hear with one ear until they are diagnosed with hearing loss. One user thought everyone found it difficult to find the source of sound, only to learn he was deaf in one ear. 

Persistent Headaches

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Another user suffered persistent headaches 50% of the time he was awake. It was after his routine eye exam that the doctor discovered he had Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension that was squeezing the back of his eyes in. 

Hearing Noises

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“It took me many years to realize the noise in my ears is not the sound of my blood flow but tinnitus, and not everyone has it,” writes a commentator.

Had “Pokey Ribs”

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One user had no problem with their “pokey ribs” since their mom and sister also had them. Unfortunately, the user was diagnosed with a “pretty severe case of rib flare from pectus excavatum.”

Could Go on Days Without Sleeping

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Another individual felt good that they’d go for days without sleep yet feel energetic. They even thought they had a superpower. However, they were diagnosed as bipolar, which was a disappointment. Plus, they understood that the manic episodes were the reason they couldn’t sleep.

A different user who had similar symptoms wrote they were diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. 

Left Arm Doesn’t Swing When Walking

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One user didn’t think much about his left arm not swinging when he walked and dismissed it as a funny quirk. “Much later in life, I found out my asymmetrical arm movements were an early symptom of Parkinson’s,” he shares. 

Lower Back Pain

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Many people consider back pain normal and attribute it to poor posture and old age. However, one user found they had a golf-ball cyst pressing on their spine, and after surgery, the unbearable pain disappeared. Another thought the pain in his tailbone was arthritis, only to be diagnosed with colon cancer. 


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A poster thought feeling tired and low energy was normal, only to learn he was anemic. Other users mention hypothyroidism causes a similar symptom. 


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People with lighter eyes think everyone squints when exposed to light. They become surprised to learn that it’s them who are light-sensitive. 

Stomach Pain After Every Meal

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One user explains they only learned not everyone knows they need to defecate when they have really bad pain in their stomach after suffering this for 30 years. The doctor’s diagnosis was they had Crohn’s.

Losing Control of Hands When Laughing

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Another user thought it was normal how their fingers and hands stopped working when they laughed so hard. Unknown to them, they had cataplexy, which causes muscle weakness due to intense emotion. 

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