13 Brand-Name Products That Are Better Than Their Generic Matches

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Generic products are developed as a cheaper alternative to big names. But the lower cost can also mean lower quality items. You end up using up or replacing the product more often, thereby spending more money in the long run. That said, these 13 branded products are worth the spend. 


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“All knock-offs don’t stick. They are horrible,” says a user. To think you are purchasing these sticky notes for their adhesive, it makes sense to get Post-its. 

A user who compared both generic and branded post-its under an electron microscope writes, “Brand name had very uniform, perfectly round, well-dispersed adhesive globs, while the generics had glue globs that weren’t evenly spread, and were all squished and distorted.”


New York Ny/usa August 2 2019 Crayola Crayons Are Seen In
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Many parents agree that Crayola crayons are the best for their kids because they are of “decent quality, and when they say ‘washable,’ it actually washes out.”

However, generic crayons like RoseArt “not only color badly but also smell funny and cheap.”  


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Lego sets also stand out from their generic counterparts regarding quality and instructions. However, some users feel Lego is restricted in offering variety, especially for custom builds, and is quite expensive. If you are on a budget, the quality of Cobi comes close to Lego.


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“Q-Tip is a guarantee of quality,” states a post, with another adding, “The Q stands for quality.” With these, you don’t have to worry about leaving cotton swabs in your ears. 

Nilla Wafers

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Despite the effort, generic versions don’t get close to matching up to Nilla Wafer’s taste. Interestingly, some users feel these wafers taste better when stale. 

“The off-brand versions tend to be flavored differently, and they leave a funny aftertaste,” explains a poster. 

3M Command Strips

Penang Malaysia 18 Aug 2020: Command Brand Hanging Strips
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These hanging strips are versatile, hold up well, are easy to remove, and leave no marks compared to generic brands. 

Dawn Dish Soap

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Many users don’t think twice when getting this dish soap as it is cheap and effective at cleaning grease. Plus, it doesn’t contain harsh chemical ingredients, making it safe for animal use. 

“If it’s good enough for the baby ducks during an oil spill, it’s good enough for me,” shares a poster. 

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Tyumen Russia March 25 2022: Lea And Perrins Worcestershire Sauce For
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In terms of sauces, many feel there is no substitute for Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. “My wife brought home Kroger Worcestershire once, and I immediately started a new shopping list with Lea & Perrins at the top,” says a user. 

Glad Garbage Bags

Huntington Beach Ca / Usa October 14 2019: Glad
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Glad garbage bags aren’t as prone to rips and spills as their cheaper counterparts, making them worth purchasing. However, some users are adamant that Kirkland and Costco garbage bags are also of excellent quality. 


Chisinau Moldova June 03 2021: Creative With M M's
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“Knockoffs have the wrong chocolate-to-coating ratio, or their chocolate isn’t as good,” explains a poster who loves M&M’s. Even so, Sixlets, Smarties, and Cadbury Gems were listed as close comparables. 


Los Angeles Ca/usa 08/21/2019 Packages Of Cheez It Baked Snack Crackers
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There’s an online debate on which is better: Cheez-It or Cheese Nips, with each holding a huge following. One user explains, “Cheez-Its have a burnt taste to me, so I prefer Cheese Nips.” Another argues, “No way Cheese Nips are superior.”

Ziploc Bags

Black Mountain Nc / Usa July 10 2019: Boxes
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And for storage and organization needs, many people lean on Ziploc bags. One poster says, “All the generics I’ve tried have super-lousy seals that are extremely difficult to snap into place and weak.” 


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Generic pop tarts have the worst taste. A commentator recalls, “I got sick after eating the generic pop tarts from my local grocery store. I don’t know if it was a one-off thing, but I’m not about to confirm.” 

However, a few people recommend Toaster Strudel and Aldi Poptarts. 

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