13 Signs of Low Intelligence

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Intellectuals are easy to spot in a crowd. They are usually confident and are sure of their actions. When you have conversations with smarter people, it can be quite intimidating too. On the contrary, people who have lower intelligence can be hard to converse with too. Here are 13 low intelligence signs you should look out for in people.

Lack of Curiosity

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In other words, people with low intelligence have “no desire to know anything beyond” what you ask them or what they know. “If an issue arises, they have no desire to understand why or attempt to fix it,” complains a user.

Inability to See From Another Perspective

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“They just can’t comprehend what you are trying to convey,” explains a poster. 

People Who Confuse Their Opinions With Facts

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And when cornered that they are confusing opinions with facts, they might say, “It’s just my truth.” 

A friend writes how his low IQ friend responds when confronted, “You are free to believe what you want to believe. I just know my truth is right for me. We both can be right, you know. Not everything is absolute. You’re so close-minded.

Not Understanding Hypothetical Questions

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They also have difficulty understanding hypothetical questions and scenarios. “It is mega annoying as there are so many ‘would you rather’ questions that are fun as hell, and they usually ruin it,” expresses a user. 

Believing Anything They Read on Social Media

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People with low IQs do not understand that not everything on social media is true. This includes believing the so-called doctors, therapists, and bloggers. 

Not Understanding Analogies Very Well

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Here is an example of a conversation with someone with a low IQ.

“Let’s say this rock is a seed and…”

“But it’s a rock.”

“I know it’s a rock, but this seed is small at first, but it will eventually grow into a big tree.”

“…but that’s a rock!”

Visualizing an analogy is also problematic. 

Not Capable of Understanding a Nuanced Point

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In addition to not understanding the nuanced point, others won’t “let go of their desired belief even though the evidence clearly doesn’t support it.

Mocking People Who Want to Learn More

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They are the same people who will openly mock college education. One user says, “I had an ex tell me college was stupid and that he was making more money than me without a degree.” Wanting to further your studies should not be ground for mockery. 

Uses Only Empty Buzzwords in Their Conversations

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“I’ve got a coworker who only communicates in phrases like ‘situational awareness’ and ‘following breadcrumbs’ and asks for meetings to ‘amplify your synergy.’ This person was promoted beyond their level of competence and has no idea how to do the job,” reads a post. 

Obsessing Over an IQ Score

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Another sign is obsessing about their IQ score to the point of sharing it with others to brag. Imagine receiving a Facebook notification on someone’s IQ. What do they expect you to do with it? 

Thinking the World Is Simple

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We live in a complicated world, but it is simple for people with low IQs. One guy even believes that “all homeless people are either drug addicts or criminals.” It does not occur to him that these people could be victims of poverty and unemployment. 

People Who Don’t Know What the Word “Subtle” Means

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One user points out that these people do not know the meaning of “subtle” or its pronunciation. 

Getting Sucked Into the “Easy and Fast Money” Scheme

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Sadly, low-IQ people become invested in get-rich-quick schemes only to lose money. They become easy targets for Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and pyramid schemes.

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