13 Simple Things That Bring People Happiness

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Reaching big milestones is not the only thing that brings happiness. More often than not, it’s the little things in life that make people happy. Ironically, you usually you get a dose of it everyday but don’t even realize it. Here are 10 mundane things that bring people the most joy.

When Friends Text You First

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When was the last time you messaged your friend first? If you can’t remember, send one now because “It’s always nice to be remembered.” 

Pet Sleeps at the Foot of the Bed

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Watching your cat or dog sleep on your bed can brighten your day.


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What’s so special about showers? Well, “access to warm, running water is a luxury” and a “privilege.”

“I absolutely love showers. I cannot stress enough how much it relaxes me,” shares a user.

When Someone Says You Smell Good

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“I’m a sweaty ball of stress and anxiety that any compliment makes me feel good, but someone telling me I smell good can bring me close to tears with how insecure I am,” confesses a commentator. 

Getting a Blanket and Watching a Favorite Show While Drinking Some Tea

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Additionally, getting to “chill without having to worry about a thing” makes people happy. A blanket, tea, and cookies are a perfect combo to unwind. 

Seeing People You Care About Smile

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One guy who loves seeing his friends smile writes, “Anytime someone smiles when they spot me anywhere keeps me going for weeks.” He also enjoys offering genuine compliments, stating he often has an “uncontrollable urge to toss an arm around a fellow man after a few beers and just tell him he’s a great guy who deserves the best.” 


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Some people admit that watching “those energetic tree rats running around without a care in the world” makes them happy. “They seem so innocent and childish,” states a poster who loves watching squirrels when feeling down.

A Genuine Compliment

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Genuine compliments always make good, happy memories. One poster writes, “As someone who was complimented four years ago about something relatively minor, do it, please. It will make us feel good longer than you know.”

Seeing Your Friends Do Well in Life

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Other people feel proud and happy watching their friends succeed, especially after watching them face tough life challenges. “Seeing your closest friends so insanely well gives you a good feeling, like you had a big hand in it,” mentions a commentator.

Watching a Bird Take a Bath

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Birds enjoy bathing, “splashing around in puddles or birdbaths,” and they will make you happy too. Users recommend watching sparrows, hummingbirds, chinchillas, parakeets, and pigeons. 

Employees Being Happy at Work

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Some employers feel happy when their employees are happy at work. “Having people happy and smiling at a workplace I created is immensely fulfilling,” shares an employer. 

The Way the Sun Can Warm You on a Chilly Day

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“Feeling the sun’s warmth on my body is my kink,” swears a poster. 


Beautiful Sunrise On The Sea
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One poster admits, “Sunsets remind me how beautiful the world can be; even if the place you are at the moment seems hostile and dark, you can see beauty in it.”

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