13 Jokes That Are Starting to Get Old

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Some jokes age well, others, however, become outdated, irritating, and annoying. And these 13 jokes are the worst ones you will ever hear.  

Your Mom Jokes

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“They are old, and pretty much everyone has done them,” shares a poster. 

Spontaneous Funny Situations

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Clearly staged, spontaneous, funny situations, pranks, and surprised “unsuspecting” strangers are no longer fun. Most people view the people in videos as “clawing for attention.”

Not the X We Deserve but the X We Need

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Viewers first heard this line from Batman in the movie Dark Knight, but it has been overused for years. One user states, “This one irritates me because the original quote is that Batman is “the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs right now.’ So, if you’re going to overuse a quote, at least get it right.” 

That Must Mean It’s Free

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This joke is often used at the cash register when an item doesn’t scan, and cashiers are tired of hearing it. But an online user has a perfect response to this, “No, it just means I can charge whatever I want.”

No One, Not Anyone, And Not Even Ever

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Also, it’s unnecessary to put no one, nobody, not anyone, and not even ever in a statement, even though “it’s used to imply and mock that the opinion provided is unsolicited or unprompted.”

“It doesn’t even make sense 99% of the time,” complains a poster. 

I Hate My Spouse Jokes

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Spouse jokes are also getting stale as it is not funny “if someone is miserable in a marriage.” It’s the same with jokes such as “happy wife, happy life” that generalize gender roles. 

Tell Me You Don’t Know Without Telling Me You Don’t Know

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This always makes people cringe and annoyed. “It’s not even a joke; it’s just people being condescending,” shares a poster.

Another writes, “I just got that from a random condescending genius. What kills me about this one is they offer nothing to the conversation. I could say this to anyone about anything and have revealed nothing of why I’m saying it.” 

You Working Hard or Hardly Working?

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“First time I heard that was hilarious,” admits a user. But that’s it. The joke loses its humor once it gets overused. Another user writes, “In the words of Scott Seiss, ‘I’m hardly laughing. I already got a job; I don’t need a second one pretending you’re funny.’”

That’s It, That’s the Tweet

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This catchphrase was frequently used as praise or a “well, duh” of a situation, but it hasn’t aged well. “This one activates my fight or flight,” writes a poster, and another adds, “It makes me shake with rage.”  

Other similar annoying phrases are “X has entered the chat,” “There, I said it,” and “This comment right here, officer.”

The Perfect X Doesn’t Exist

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“I’m so sick of this. It’s basically a straw man argument in joke form,” writes a user, with more people feeling it has become a cliché. Others, however, feel it shouldn’t be categorized as a joke but a meme format. 

Who Asked?

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A poster says, “I’ve found people who say that to be rude.” The line “doesn’t make you funny, it makes you an insufferable.”

Today Years Old

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While this phrase was meant to be a joke, many online users disagree. “It was funny once, now it just sounds idiotic,” states a post. Another mentions, “It has the frustrating feeling of an Escher sentence because ‘today’ just isn’t the right measure of time at all.”

Thank You for Coming to My TED Talk

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You’ll likely find this after reading a lengthy paragraph, which annoys many older people. But one user clarifies, “That’s not a joke. That’s the way people apologize for writing long paragraphs about their personal opinion.” 

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