13 Foods That Don’t Taste Like They Used To

A Disgusting Hamburger

Have you ever gone for years without eating a particular food, and when you order it again, you end up disappointed? It’s not your tastebuds! Many popular foods taste differently than they used to due to recipe changes, budget cuts, or a business takeover. Nevertheless, these 13 foods do not taste the same anymore. 


Kiev Ukraine September 21 2019: Kfc Chicken. Hand Holds
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KFC foods were crispy and fresh, but lately, “it tastes pretty bad: overly greasy, low flavor, and rubbery meat.”

Tim Horton Donuts

Bangkok Thailand August 12 2020: Photo Of 6 Donuts
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“They used to be the bomb when they were made in the stores,” recalls one commentator, “Then restaurant brands bought them and decided it was better (cheaper) to make them in a factory and ship them to stores to have them heated and topped.”

“They got rid of some of the best donuts; Walnut crunch, Cherry sticks, and Dutchie” and ruined their coffee. 

Hostess Snack Cakes

Los Angeles Ca July 20 2023: New Pick Of
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These snack cakes “were the best,” not forgetting Little Debbies too. Sadly, “now they are just too dense and don’t taste like anything but a disappointment.” 


Winneconne Wi 11 November 2018: A Stack Of Nestle
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People are also complaining that Butterfinger no longer tastes like it once did. Some descriptions we collected on a popular online forum include: “They are disgusting now,” “Absolutely horrendous,” “Super gross,” “Mediocre,” and “Inedible.”

Pizza Hut

Indianapolis Circa March 2019: Pizza Hut Fast Casual Restaurant.
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Many people have fond memories of enjoying pan pizza at Pizza Hut when growing up, but the food has changed. 

“I used to buy their pizzas because the bottom and crust used to be crispy and buttery while the pizza center was soft and normal. Now, they just taste like regular, mediocre pizza,” details a poster. 

Pop Tarts

Hot Strawberry Toaster Pastry With Frosting And Sprinkles
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The old pop tarts were perfect and tasted really good. Now, “they are chalky/pasty and so thin,” and “the edges are so big and the filling area so small.”

One lady writes, “I had a sudden craving for pop tarts when I was pregnant. I bought a box, put it in the toaster, took one bite, and said no. It was truly disappointing.”

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies

Box Of Girl Scout Thin Mints With A Few On
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“Girl Scout cookies taste like chemicals now,” complains a commentator.

Juicy Fruit Gum

Belchertown Massachusetts Usa July 17 2021: Wrigley's Juicy Fruit
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The once flavorful Juicy Fruit gum now “tastes like a tire fire.” One poster complains, “They ruined the flavor 20 years ago. It tastes bitter after 20 seconds. They should just discontinue the gum.”

Another user responds that the change in flavor is due to the added artificial sweetener that also ruined the “classic Wrigley’s flavors: Juicy Fruit, Big Red, Spearmint, and Doublemint.”

Corn Pops

Los Angeles Ca/usa 6 21 2019 Shoppers Hand Holding A Package Of
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Some users point out that the corn pops flavor changed “since they got rid of the foil bag” as it was “less permeable to air, so the cereal stayed fresher.” 

Another poster explains the awful taste happened after “they changed their grain formula.” 


Woman Holding Fresh Peaches
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Store-bought peaches also are terrible. “I haven’t had a good, juicy, non-meaty peach in a long time,” complains a user, with another recommending users to plant their peach trees as they taste much better. Alternatively, you can get juicy, tasty peaches from a local farm.


Ripe Tomato In Hand On Blurred Background. Choose Ripe Tomato
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Most vegetables, including tomatoes, “don’t taste as good anymore. Farming prioritizes size, shape, and color more than taste currently.”

Burger King

Berlin Oct 01: Burger King Restaurant Exterior Sign
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“Their fries used to be really good, then they changed their recipe, and now the fries are only good when they’re fresh out of the fryer hot,” points out a user.

Another adds, “Burger King chicken tenders won every time. Someone made a bad call to switch to nuggets, and it has never been the same.”

Planters Cheez Balls

Columbus Ohio August 5 2020 Planters Cheez Balls.
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“Those things were like the food of the gods when I was a kid in the 80s. When they brought them back for a while a few years ago, I bought a few cans only to find out they tasted like disappointment,” explains a user.

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