13 Highly Effective Ways to Get Out of a Conversation

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Sometimes, you’re forced to interact with people that talk about things you’re not interested in. Or, you may need to leave and they keep talking anyway. You don’t want to be rude, but there are times you have to be to get out of the situation. Try these 13 tricks to end a conversation quickly and effectively.

Slap Your Knees and Say, “Welp”

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This cue works but not for Wisconsin residents. “This in Wisconsin means ‘We’re gonna talk for another 15 minutes to half an hour’ then becomes, ‘Better get going…’ for another 5 to 10 minutes, then hug and talk a few more minutes and you leave,” explains a resident.

Another adds, “And all this talking is done standing next to the door with coat and shoes on.

“Sorry to Cut You Off, but I Actually Gotta Run! I’ll Talk to You Later!”

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“I like this because (1) you are acknowledging that you’re ending the conversation before they’re ready to, (2) saying sorry shows regard for their feelings because nobody likes to feel like their words aren’t important, and (3) provides reassurance that it’s not about them but rather you have obligations to fulfill,” explains a post. 

Continue the Conversation but Start Walking Toward the Door

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This trick also works as the chatty person will “follow you without thinking. Then just escort them out of the door, and voila,” recommends a user. Some people, however, do not understand this as a cue to leave.

Simply Hang Up

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This might not be the best way to end a conversation, but it works. “I simply hang up and turn off my phone for 7 minutes. Later, I say it died,” says a commentator. Or “just turn on airplane mode.

“Sorry to Cut You Short, but You’ve Got More Talk Than I’ve Got Time”

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A commentator who loves this wrap-up statement says, “Life is too short. People must be reminded that wasting others’ time unnecessarily is stealing their life from them.”

“Sorry, Can I Just Stop You There?”

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You can also use this line when dealing with a compulsive talker. And once they stop talking, “say nothing else.” 

“Let Me Get You Your Coat!”

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People get their coats when it is time to leave, so saying this can get the chatty person to wrap up the conversation. But some people will “proceed to talk about coats for another 30 minutes.”

“I ‘Spose It’s About Time…”

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This might get them saying it’s about time for them too.

“All Right, I Don’t Wanna Talk Anymore, so I’m Gonna Hang Up”

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A user explains how his dad responds to non-ending phone calls, “When he is done talking, he’s done talking.” Then, he will straight up say the above statement. 

“I’m Done Talking”

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For some people, this statement may be disrespectful. However, others view it as an honest response. One parent writes, “My son does this. He’ll say, ‘I’m done talking,’ and walk off. I wish I could be so brave.

“Well, I’m Gonna Let You Go”

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“I try to make it seem like I’m keeping them,” a user says, “Sorry, I won’t keep you longer. I’m sure you’re busy. Then I walk away.”

Another user adds, “I say something like, ‘I’ll let you get back to your day,’ or if I know a task they are working on or eating.”

“At the End of the Day, It Is What It Is”

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This statement also gives you room to walk away or change the subject. Either way, you wrap up the ongoing conversation. 

“I’m Sorry, I’m Already Late for Another Meeting/Appointment/ To Meet Someone/Something

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Once you’ve said this, “Keep walking. Even if they keep talking to you, maybe throw up a hand as a wave but whatever you do, keep your back to them and keep walking.”

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