The Rudest Drivers Chose These 13 Car Models

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Did you know that a research study shed light on the relationship between rude drivers and the cars they prefer. Here are the 13 car models that are driven by the most stubborn, argumentative, and impatient motorists.

Tesla Model S

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Tesla drivers are first on the list for their reckless driving. “They floor that thing every chance they get, to not let you in or get stuck behind someone a few seconds. Don’t even get me started on how many of them are on their phones because it’s ‘self-driving,’” complains a driver.

In defense, a Tesla driver writes, “It is that fun to slam the accelerator, but I try very hard not to cut people off or be rude. Also, full self-driving is amazing, and I’ll look at my phone in stop-n-go traffic, but not at speed.”  


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BMW drivers also have a reputation for rude driving, possibly because they feel tempted to show off their automotive power. 

Ford Ranger

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Next is the Ford Ranger, whose drivers are known to cause road rage. If they are not driving too slowly, they are tailgating you or failing to use their turn signals. 

Dodge Charger

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A daily commuter explains why Dodge Charger drivers are the worst, “Going 110, swerving between lanes, and revving their engines… I saw one going 70 in the middle lane and was so shocked. I am surprised I don’t see more of them in crashes.” They “are also the most pulled over for drunk driving.”

Interestingly, many online users associate this brand with serving and retired soldiers. 

Ford F-250

Oswego United States Dec 09 2022: A White 2020
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What is it with Ford F-250 drivers and pimping their cars? You’ll find the cars “with a bunch of skull stickers,” huge wheels, or a modified exhaust. Unfortunately, they don’t put the same effort on the road and are rated rude drivers. 

Honda Civic

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This model has good looks, holds a great resale value, is fast, and fuel efficient. However, its drivers are often aggressive, rude, and guilty of causing road rage. 

Jeep Wrangler

Spielberg / Austria 07/17/2018: The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Jl
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Jeep Wrangler drivers love to say, “It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand,” which infuriates other drivers. And it doesn’t get better if the owner adds a thin blue line, a punisher sticker, or an angry eye grille to their car.

Nissan Altima

Salt Lake City United States Mar 19 2022: A
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“They aren’t just bad drivers; they don’t care about cars, have bad credit, and will do hits and runs with no regard,” says a driver who hates Altimas. Another writes, “You must always be a defensive driver and don’t expect turn signals. You can be cut off or rear-ended at any moment.” 


Miami Usa March 21 2016: Hummer H2 Black On
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This ex-military model is safe after withstanding crash-worthy tests and is ideal for rough terrain and weather. Unfortunately, bad drivers are naturally drawn to it. 


Bucharest Romania March 15 2021: 2021 Toyota Prius Front
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Prius drivers are also “frustrating and unsafe.” Strangely, the model has the most aggressive drivers and dangerously slow drivers. A poster comments, “The slow drivers are ‘saving the planet,’ while the fast ones don’t care how much gas they’re burning because they get such a good mileage.”

Subaru Impreza

Strasbourg France 06 July 2018: Subaru Sti 2003 Type
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“These cars are always driven around by…dealers who hang around with 13-year-old girls,” writes a poster, with a 28-year-old lady who drives one admitting, “My car attracts the type you described. I get compliments from pretty much teenage boys. But, the car is fun to drive.” 

Volkswagen Golf R

Szczecin Poland January 2023:new Volkswagen Golf R 320 Hp And
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Online users mention, “Golf R people get super triggered if you get the jump on them and beat them at a set of lights or overtake them on the highway.” A user even states he’s been hit twice by Golf R drivers while walking on a footpath. 

Dodge Ram

Szczecin Poland November 2020:dodge Ram 1500 Trx Off Road Pickup Truck During Dynamic
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A poster who once rented a Dodge Ram admits driving one makes you reckless, “I was honking, cussing, tailgating, blasting country music, and revving the engine. And that’s before I left the rental lot.”

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