13 Benefits of Being an Average-Looking Dude

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Average-looking guys may seem at a disadvantage when compared with attractive men. But the lack of physical beauty gives them these 12 unexpected advantages.  

Never Curious if a Woman Is Flirting

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“A hot guy doesn’t know if a woman is flirting or if she has ulterior motives,” writes a guy. Many average-looking dudes, however, don’t face this and are happy they aren’t subject to receiving constant flirtation.

People Are Real With You

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Another benefit is that people don’t fake their personalities when dealing with average-looking men. However, attractive men can’t tell when people are real with them because most treat them nicely, only to change when their beauty fades. 

Invisibility in Public

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Being an average-looking dude also makes them invincible in public, with no one bugging them as they do their business. On the other hand, attractive men face stares and catcalls because their looks unconsciously draw attention to them.

You Automatically Know if a Girl Is Into You

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Average-looking guys also know that girls don’t fall for them because of their looks, which translates to better odds of having a solid relationship. 

You Don’t Get the Negative Side of Special Treatment

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Another huge benefit is these guys don’t receive special treatment or the negative side of it. Their interactions with others are 100% authentic. 

Nobody Ever Assumes Anything About You

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Besides, they lead their lives free of negative and positive assumptions from others. 

You Get To Develop Other Skills

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Circumstances force average-looking guys to develop other skills or be more physically fit.

You Won’t Be a Threat to Really Insecure People

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Another upside? People don’t see an average-looking guy as a threat. 

You Can Avoid Creepy Women and Unwanted Advances

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Interestingly, not having the cutest looks protects these guys from having awkward situations with creepy women. “Plus, you don’t have to deal with women who think you’re flirting and get an attitude when they find out you’re not interested,” adds a user. 

People Trust You More

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Moreover, many people seek solace in average, attractive men. Others feel comfortable spilling their secrets to them or seeking practical advice. 

You Are Less Boring

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“Attractive-looking people tend to rely on their looks,” says a poster. However, since average-looking men can’t count on this, they work on their body language, fitness, hobbies, hygiene, and social skills, making them fun people to be around.   

You Have Other Qualities That Will Attract People to Wanna Befriend You

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A wife shares, “My husband is a short, average-looking guy, but he’s hilarious. He’s also very extroverted. It’s hard not to like him. I love it because I can sit silently as he does all the talking and entertaining. He enjoys it.”

Like this user’s husband, average-looking men draw people in with their good qualities and personalities, not their physical traits. 

Don’t Have to Worry About Spending Money to Impress People

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Lastly, they have nothing to prove, so they don’t need to impress people by throwing money on looks, clothes, or a rich lifestyle. 

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