12 Worst Ways to Propose

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Proposing to a loved one should be romantic and memorable. But some proposals are just outright horrible, and you should avoid these 12 worst ways if you plan to propose someday. 

At Someone Else’s Wedding

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My brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend at my 9-person wedding. It really took the wind off my sails. Even that day couldn’t be about me,” writes a commentator. At least be courteous to get the bride and groom’s blessing before trying this. 

Chucking the Ring at Them

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There is no way chucking a ring at someone and asking (expecting) them to wear it is a romantic proposal. 

While Driving

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One commentator recommends proposing when sitting in the car but not while driving, as the other party is invested in keeping both of you safe on the road. 

Before Falling Asleep

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My ex did this. It wasn’t even phrased as a question, though. It turns out, if they are lazy with the proposal and the wedding planning, they will also be lazy with most of your life together,” explains a poster. 

Through Text

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Texting your partner ‘will you marry me’ is another terrible idea. Also, writing the proposal words on paper with blanks for Yes and No answers does not cut it either. 

Sports Event

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One commentator explains why a sports event is a terrible way to propose, “It puts a lot of pressure on whoever is being proposed to because there is a whole stadium of strangers watching.


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Also, pulling a ring at a graduation ceremony steals the spotlight from the graduating individual and does not sit well with some people. 

Surprise Wedding You Threw Them

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Surprise engagements are superb, but not surprise weddings. Some people want to be invested in their wedding planning, choosing intricate colors, flowers, cake, or details that will make the day feel personal and memorable to them. Taking away this opportunity from them will likely backfire. 

After They Lost Their Job

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Also, asking someone to marry you after they lose their job can be a terrible proposal. As your significant other is battling joblessness, they might not be looking forward to thinking of wedding plans that involve money – money they do not currently have a way of raising. 

Pretend Kidnapping

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As far as extremes go, fake kidnapping your partner to propose is pushing it to the edge. According to a trending controversial TikTok video, the bride is genuinely happy with the proposal.

But that does not mean it is the best idea. In a different incident, a girl was fake kidnapped and sexually assaulted to make the kidnapping more real. Imagine the trauma the girl endured!

At a Funeral

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One lady writes how a guy proposed to her at her husband’s funeral, “You know, this death makes me think that life is too short for us not to do the things we know are right. Will you marry me?” How inhumane can people be?

Parking Lot

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Lastly, most online users are not fascinated with parking lot proposals. 

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